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| 11 July 2019 | Reply

Label: Black Pill Red Pill

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Rating: 85%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sometimes you find a musical guilty pleasure in the oddest of spaces.  For me a recent one came in the form of Europop Dance tracks from Miss Ballistic.  While they will not wind any awards for lyrical content, the dance tracks are good and should keep you busy on a dance floor or keep your mind dancing through work if you play it in the office, as I have done.  Disc opener “Turn Me Up” is a cool track ands lays a good foundation for the rest of the disc.  This track features Maeze, who adds a sexy depth to the track with her vocals and attitude filled delivery.  “Girl Undercover” brings a slightly different sound and feel sonically, but it fits the mood and vibe created by the opening track.  CEL is featured on this track and brings a slightly different twist on teh vocal sound, but it works on this song.  “Scream” opens with a different feel than most of the other tracks, but soon morphs into a dance track that will get people off their asses and onto a floor.  This track features the tandem of Carley G and Melanie Jade running you through the lyrics and the cool BPM groove of the track.  “Diamond Dildo” is another track that features Melanie Jade – this time on her own.  The song has a chugging groove and beat that fits the rest of the disc and comes off as slightly different without deviating from the overall sound.  “Sweet Miss Ballistic” unfolds slowly with a great synthesizer sound and some mellower vocals from the tandem of Carley G and Melanie Jade.  The song captivates and seems to tie together the various sounds and grooves of the disc into a neat little dance package.  The song clocks along without getting to synth or loop heavy.

Title track “Blood And Glitter” features Maeze, who is featured on six of the discs ten tracks, and she brings different sound, attitudes, and grooves to the vocals as she moves through verses, choruses, and the bridges and breakdown.  The keyboards and electronic percussion throughout the chorus and bridge take me back to 80’s UK pop.  “Less Wardrobe More Malfunction” also features Maeze and has an interesting sound vocally, running the gambit with different textures to her vocals throughout.  The musical accompaniment is cool and helps keep this track flowing.  “Red Pearls” features Maeze on vocals.  Musically and vocally, this is the most radio friendly and contagious track of the lot.  The vibe is great and the groove is so ethereal it is almost hypnotic.  The vocal track entices and draws you in.  “Vicious Streak” with Maeze on vocals has a different opening / intro that grabs your attention while the musical track keeps you interested.  The chorus is direct and allows the music to do most of the talking through the verses and breakdowns.  Disc closer “Under A Star” also features Maeze and is a cool song that brings in a few different sounds while keeping the overall feel of the disc intact.  The tempo of this track keeps the BPM up without being aggressive and helps wrap up the disc on a cool dance note.

Tracklisting: Turn Me Up – Girl Undercover – Blood And Glitter – Scream – Less Wardrobe More Malfunction – Diamond Dildo – Red Pearls – Sweet Miss Ballistic – Vicious Streak – Under A Star






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