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Label: Streamline Records

Release Date: June, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Detroit rockers Artificial Agent are unleashing a new EP on the world in June.  The disc opens with “Master Blaster” which is chock full of guitar riffs and attitude, in addition to some vocals that gives the song a heavier vibe than earlier releases.  Title track “Brain Grenade” rolls out next and gives the band an even heavier groove that they embrace and excel at.  The bass and drums give legs to the track and support the downtuned nature of the track.  “Out Of Time” rolls out and gives the disc a lift to a more mainstream rock sound that is accentuated by the aggressive vocals and bassline.  “Another Punch In The Face” is exactly that.  The song busts through from the first note, punches you directly in the face, and rocks until the last note.  The background vocals are a nice contrast to the lead during the chorus.  “Psychomotor Aggitation” is pure rock that gives the guitarist room to run and play crunchy riffs full attitude and fun.  This track is a diamond in the rough and should come off well live.  “Some Things Never Die” is the last original track on the disc and nicely wraps all of the other tracks together, by encompassing all the different styles and putting them in one track.  A cover of KISS’ “Not For The Innocent” closes the disc and the band pulls it off musically.  The band puts its own stamp on the track and carries this one off nicely.

Category: CD Reviews

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