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About Us

100% ROCK MAGAZINE is about rock n’ roll music, first & foremost.

We have eclectic tastes and you’ll find blues, rock, punk, metal, thrash, country, pop, grunge and plenty more on our pages. After all, there’s only two types of music – good and bad.

We are also proof that rock fans do other things as well – so we review books, movies, even some theatre. Just because we like to rock, doesn’t mean we don’t know how to roll!

Launched on 14 August 2012, at the time of writing (17 February 2015 – 24 months after launching) we have received well over four and a quarter million web hits – an average of 141,880 per month – and up to 58,000 weekly unique visitors.

As at 14 February, 2014 (18 months after launching) we had received 1,971,500 web hits – an average of over 109,500 web hits per month, or 3,650 per day.



Our reviewers are all volunteers and give up their personal time to write for 100% ROCK, so we mostly listen to music we like. As such, most of our reviews are positive, though occasionally we will post a bad review. Please understand that if this happens, we are always constructive and not just nasty.

One thing you can absolutely count on is that all our reviews will be honest – no gilding of the lilies for ulterior motives here! That said, the opinions of each reviewer are entirely their own and not indicative of the opinions of 100% ROCK MAGAZINE or its owners or staff. No liability is taken for inaccuracies, or inadvertent offence caused by any content or opinions in our pages. All efforts are taken to credit photographs with their rightful source, and not infringe copyright. If we have made an oversight in any of these areas, please email and we will rectify the oversight immediately.



All of our contributors do so voluntarily, therefore priority is always given to reviewing physical products rather than digital material – and sorry but our policy is not to review streamed music.



We offer rock bottom pricing for on-site advertisements.



Want to contribute to 100% ROCK MAGAZINE?

Send examples of your writing, photography or graphic design skills and a bit of information about yourself to and we’ll be in touch. Please note that all contributors are voluntary at this point in time.



If you wish to give us feedback on any story, please do so by commenting on the Web page itself, or post on our social media pages



If you like what we’re doing, there’s plenty of ways you can support 100% ROCK MAGAZINE:

Share our links and Facebook page and website around to your social networks.

Comment on our website articles, Facebook and Twitter posts and encourage an interactive community.

Donate to help keep our running costs under control – if enough money comes in through this avenue, we’ll share it amongst our selfless volunteer writers. The Donate button is in the top right of our Home Page, or click HERE

Advertise on 100% ROCK MAGAZINE – email for more information

If you’d like to see T-shirts or other merchandise from 100% ROCK MAGAZINE, let us know by emailing



All original work (including but not limited to text, graphic art and photography) contained herein is copyright 2009-2015, and remains the intellectual property of the contributor and 100% ROCK MAGAZINE at all times.

No text should be reproduced in any way without prior written consent, with the exclusion of artists using sample quotes from our reviews for marketing purposes – but please let us know when you’re doing so, so we can also share your page with our readers. Please don’t reproduce entire reviews on your own websites – instead, please use a sample quote and insert a link to our review.

Thankyou for showing us the respect that we show you.
Thanks for reading, we hope to see you coming back regularly

Shane Pinnegar
Editor, 100% ROCK MAGAZINE
PO Box 10380
Kalgoorlie 6433
Western Australia

updated 8 January, 2020

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