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SISTER SIN – Dance Of The Wicked

| 19 June 2013 | Reply


Label: Victory Records

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I have been a fan of Sister Sin since my first spin of Switchblade Serenades.  Who knew they had material out before that?  This release features their debut release along with three demos and two covers.  “Kiss The Sky” opens the disc and sets a different vibe from the bands subsequent releases.  The guitars are full, the drums and bass help create a rock vibe, and those familiar vocals are soon pumping through the speakers.  “Dance Of The Wicked” is next and gives off more of a rock sound.  I hear influence from Motley Crue on this track.  The vocals are a bit lighter than what we are used to and the music has a glam feel to them – not as heavy as later releases.  “Fall Into My Dreams” is another track that could have been ripped straight from the 80’s.  The bass on this track really stands out, as does the drumming.  The song has a cool groove that keeps the song moving.  The vocals are unlike current Liv stylings, but good nonetheless.  “End Of The Beginning” is a beautiful instrumental that really demonstrates this band has never been a one-trick pony.  The acoustic guitar is simply beautiful.  “Love Lies” keeps the flow of the disc in an 80’s vein.  The bassline is strong and the chugging riffs really make this track stand out.  The vocals are a bit tempered compared to other tracks, but are well suited to the track once the chorus kicks in.  “Dirty Damn I” is a grittier track that gives more insight into what this band would develop into on later releases.  The chorus is catchy, the vocals gritty, and the guitars heavy.  The rhythm section really helps carry this track.  This is one of the stand out tracks on the disc.

“Paint It Black” is an interesting take on a classic.  The guitars turned up to eleven compared to the original adds a little more swagger to the track.  The vocals really capture the mood of the original.  This song is more of a reworking than a cover.  The song really is taken to a different level.  “Tragedy Loves Company” is a diversion from the mood set up by the previous track.  This song is about as close to a ballad as I see this band or disc getting, with the exception of the previous instrumental.  The guitars are really good and feature a cool solo, but I am glad they mainly stick to rockers.  “Minor You (Major Me)” is one of three demos on the disc.  At first it sounded as if this was a cover of Motley Crue’s “Too Young To Fall In Love.”  This is a great track that is a cool reworking of a well known riff and groove.  “Writings On The Wall” is another demo that has a cool 80’s feel while lending itself to the heavier Sister Sin sound.  The guitars are full while the drums and bass add their heavy bottom end.  The vocals are fast, furious, and really show the depth of Liv’s voice.  “Head Over Heels For Love” is the final demo on the collection.  This track is a continuation of the previous track and shows even more of the sound that fans of the band are used to hearing.  The heavy and hectic pace of the track is part of the bands signature sound and really stands out on this one.  “Rock ‘N Roll” is the second cover and features metal queen Doro Pesch.  This reworking of the Motorhead classic maintains the cool from the original while adding the touch of two killer female vocals over top of the hard rock track.  The guitar work is some of the best on the disc.  What a way to close the disc.

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