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LIVE: TEXAS – Perth, 15 Dec 2017

| 18 December 2017 | Reply

LIVE: TEXAS – Perth, 15 Dec 2017
The Astor Theatre, Perth, Friday, 15th December, 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

We were expecting all the great songs we know and love from Texas’s first visit to our shores, but we got the bonus prize, with Sharleen Spiterri proving not only that she still boasts a fantastic singing voice, but also that she is a warm and convivial hostess and a hilarious raconteur and an impressive swear bear.

First up is Swedish duo High Tre, whose cover of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry and originals were intriguing throughout their short set. Basically keyboards, acoustic guitar and beguiling female vocals, they married Scandofolk, Sigur Ros-like soundscapes and post punk cool in a grippingly unique fashion.

Texas, led by original members Spiteri, Johnny McElhone and Ally McErlaine, start with Halo and Let’s Work It Out, with the singer chatting to the crowd like old friends from the get go, and being rewarded with spirited dancing and singing along in return.

“We like to get to know our audiences,” she declared, before laughingly responding in her broad Scottish brogue to one admirer who yelled out to her, “I don’t know what a Shazza is, but I know I’m definitely NOT one!”

A sublime In Our Lifetime, and rawer Everyday Now shows both sides of Texas: the glittery hip swivelling popstars and the earthier blues slide guitar edginess. It’s all perfect pop, of course, with plenty of sass and groove.

Spiteri continues to joke around between songs, teasing keyboard player Michael Bannister for getting lucky the previous night, and her fifteen year old daughter for teenage melodrama. It’s all affectionate fun, of course, and highlights the lack of diva pretention Spiteri has, making the show more of a party than a performance.

But performance it is, of course, and the band are razor sharp and sounding brilliant. Spiteri’s voice is never less than stunning, showing no signs that has been almost thirty years since the release of their debut album Southside.

A cover of Al Green’s Tired Of Being Alone, their debut single I Don’t Want A Lover and the gorgeous Black Eyed Boy are all highlights in a show without any low points, and an encore of Inner Smile and Suspicious Minds (cast midway between Elvis and Fine Young Cannibals) leaves everyone present in no doubt that they’d just been part of something very special indeed.


Texas Setlist:

Let’s Work It Out
When We Are Together
In Our Lifetime
Tell That Girl
Everyday Now
Thrill Has Gone
The Conversation
Can’t Control
Tired of Being Alone (Al Green cover)
So Called Friend
Summer Son
In Demand
I Don’t Want a Lover
Black Eyed Boy
Say What You Want

Inner Smile
Suspicious Minds

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