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BOOK REVIEW: Treat! by Christian Vieler

| 17 December 2017 | 1 Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Treat! by Christian Vieler

Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
October 2017
Hardcover, $24.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Photography / Animal Photography / Humour


Who’s a good dog? In the tradition of bestselling photography books like Underwater Dogs and Shake comes an adorable and hilarious collection of dog photographs capturing our best friends at one of their favorite moments–treat time. 

Photographer Christian Vieler caught these eager dogs anticipating, catching–some more successfully than others–and enjoying a scrumptious tidbit.

These hilarious and surprisingly beautiful photographs of more than 60 pooches of all shapes and sizes, from a tenacious terrier to a goofy golden retriever, capture each dog’s unique personality in a way any dog owner will recognize and that all dog lovers will enjoy!


In the introduction of Treat!, Vieler shares the sentiment of many dog owners and animal lovers, that they don’t have to be poised and beautiful to be, well… beautiful.

I often hear “but… that dog looks ugly” when I show people my Treat! pictures – people who don’t have dogs, that is. Then they click a little further into my portfolio and point to a classic portrait: “That’s nice, I like that. Do more of these.” I know what they mean. The wide-open mount of a dog with big teeth lunging for a treat can be shocking – and sometimes scary. Plus there’s often some drool flying around and the pup’s cute face can get distorted.

After developing more than 500 snapshots, I now know these photos that some people think are ugly actually bring these dogs closer to our hearts. In that momentary shot we are able to experience our best friends as we seldom do in everyday life. We recognize their panic, joy, fear of loss, sheer desire, and the very pinnacle of enjoyment – something we normally only experience from other human beings. The dog reveals a human side while nevertheless remaining a dog. That’s why Treat!, for me, is not simply an entertaining book with funny pictures – it heals your soul.

Vieler has gathered together a series of dog pictures for an audience of dog-lovers in a collection that is sure to make readers laugh and their hearts melt.

Here you will find the triumphant dog who has successfully caught the treat, of course, as well as the over-eager and panic stricken. There are good catches, bad catches, and catches so far off you have to wonder at the pooch’s depth perception. There are even one or two dogs who merely side-eye the treat and make no attempt to catch it. 

This is a gorgeous book through and through and perfect for the dog-lover in your life, 

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