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| 5 November 2016 | Reply


Label: Five Seven Music

Release Date: October 21, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

When I reviewed the EP released earlier this year by the cool Canadian trio Bleeker, little did I know I would not only hear those five songs again, but that they would be part of a full-length package that was as solid as the EP.  My thoughts on the songs from the earlier release haven’t changed, so I don’t feel the need to re-review those tracks.  To give a review of this package in its entirety, I have included my notes from my previous review into my recap of the 11-track disc.  Opening track “Highway” is a cool track with a fun vibe woven through it. The chorus is tight, the guitars chugging, and the tempo contagious.  The vocals add depth when they get layered at the chorus and help propel this song.  “Free” builds on the groove of the opening song, without sounding like a duplication of the track.  When the guitars, drums, and bass kick in full swing, we get a solid rock track that relies more on melody and vibe than it does tricks or trends.  Title “Erase You” brings the tempo down a bit, without dragging the quality with it.  The chorus is heavier and has a Southern rock via Black Crowes feel to it that helps carry the track between verses.  “Still Got Love” opens with a different sound from the guitars, but the familiar groove from the rhythm section.  The vocals are a bit fuzzed out, but it works on this song and adds a bit of depth to the track.  “Where’s Your Money” has a cool groove that marries different sounds and feels from the various tracks, as well as bringing a different style vocal to the party.  “Every Time You Call” has a great guitar sound that deviates from some of the other songs, but fits on this track perfectly and helps take the disc out on a cool note.  The drums and bass anchor the tempo and sound perfectly, giving this song a great combination vocals, guitars, and rhythm section.

“Getting Out” is a fun track that brings a cool groove to the collection that gets the foot tapping and the head banging, although in more of a chill rock way.  The drums and bass help guide the tune while the vocals lead the charge, especially during the chorus and bridge.  “I’m Not Laughing Now” has a melancholic feel to it that fits the rest of the EP, demonstrating the different facets and abilities of the band as writers and performers.  The vocals stand out on this track, while the rhythm section gets the foot tapping, especially at the chorus.  “Radio Radio” brings a killer punk-pop-rock vibe to the disc on this fun track.  The musical accompaniment is catchy and gives the vocals a place to run wild between the verses.  “Emergency” is one of the more diverse sounding songs ion the collection, but also a mainstream vibe that is woven throughout, tying the verses to the chorus and the entire track to the disc.  Due to the departure from the pattern of the other tracks, this one stands out as a favorite.  “Close My Eyes” opens with and features a beautiful piano interlude that duets perfectly with the vocals and blends well with the rest of the band as the sound swells and builds through the verse and into the chorus.  This song coupled with “Emergency” demonstrates these guys are no one-trick pony.  The one thing that helps tie this entire disc together is a pop-rock sensibility that reminds me of one of my favorites, Butch Walker.

Tracklisting: Highway – Free – Getting Out – Erase You – I’m Not Laughing Now – Still Got Love – Radio Radio – Where’s Your Money – Emergency – Close My Eyes – Every Time You Call






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