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| 26 October 2016 | Reply

promoLabel: AFM Records

Release Date: October 14, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Eden’s Curse is a band that consistently puts out material that seems cut from the same cloth as their previous material without sounding rehashed or outdated.  These guys are helping keep melodic rock alive.  Disc opener “Prophets Of Doom” is the perfect example of what these guys have done for years and on countless releases – they come straight at you with guitars, bass, drums, and vocals that blend perfectly to create a strong rocker that grabs you and gets the blood pumping.  The lead single from the disc “Sell Your Soul” keeps the tempo up with furious drumming and soaring guitar riffs and solos that pair perfectly with the keyboards from new keyboardist Chrism.  “Messiah Complex” features a little faster tempo than most of the tracks on this disc thanks to John Clelland’s drumming, giving this a slight thrash meets prog feel that is new territory for the band.  Nikola Mijic delivers a vocal sound on this track that features his range and a slightly different vocal sound than we are used to, but one that still fits the disc.  “Kingdom Of Solitude” opens with a different riff and guitar sound than is typical of an Eden’s Curse track, but it fits within the structure of this release, with a bit more of a prog rock sound.  Guitarist Thorsten Koehne has embraced the task of taking the band in a slightly different sound and delivered.  “This Is Your Moment” takes a heavier approach thanks to bass lines from Paul Logue that anchor the track, as they have done for the entire disc.  The chorus is catchy and should be a welcome addition to the bands live set.  “Unconditional” takes the disc in a different direction with a radio-friendly sound that is highlighted by Liv Kristine’s beautiful duet with Mijic.  The blend of their voices complements each other while punctuating the sound of the musical accompaniment underneath.  This song is a perfect addition to the bands catalog.

“The Great Pretender” presents us with more killer keyboards that dance across the track while the heavy bottom end carries the track from open to close, thanks to the rhythm section of Logue and Clelland.  The vocals seem ready for take-off at the chorus, giving this song a sense of urgency at times.  “Find My Way” takes the band into newer territory with a an epic prog track that allows the guitars to float in and out of the mix while the bass and drums do their part throughout the track, along with Chrism’s keyboards.  Mijic’s vocals standout on this song, especially at the chorus and bridge.  “Utopian Dreams” starts off with a flurry of keyboards that is soon joined by the rhythm section and Koehne’s guitars.  The vocal join the fray and we are off and running at a thunderous melodic pace.  The vocals swirl into the mix and add to the songs energy.  “Rome’s On Fire” is musically one of the more prog rock sounding tracks on the disc, thanks to an interesting opening and some cool time changes throughout the introduction and into the verse.  The drums are solid and Logue’s bass lines that dot the landscape give the song a steady groove.  “Saints And Sinners” is a great track that captures the spirit of older releases and blends them with the new sound and feel of the band as they are in 2016.  The guitars are big, the keyboards are solid, and the rhythm section drives the track.  The vocals are some of the best on the disc.  Disc closer “Jericho” is another epic track that clocks in at just less than 8 minutes.  The different sounds and vibes from the guitars and keyboards steer the song in different directions to go along with the powerful lyrics and vocals.  This song has an almost melodic ballad feel without taking away any rock quotient from the song, the disc, or the band.

Tracklisting: Prophets Of Doom – Sell Your Soul – The Great Pretender – Messiah Complex – Find My Way – Kingdom Of Solitude – Utopian Dreams – This Is Your Moment – Rome’s On Fire – Unconditional – Saints And Sinners – Jericho






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