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CD REVIEW: SEASONS AFTER – Calamity Scars & Memoirs

| 7 October 2014 | 1 Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A long time in the making, the latest from Seasons After does not disappoint.  “Break To Survive” kicks the doors open with its killer tempo and bottom end, along with guitars that chug and move along into a nice solo during the bridge.  “Lights Out” follows and, while sounding mellow at times, is one of the more solid tracks on the disc.  The vocals, especially at the chorus, enhance the guitars, bass, and drums, while not coming off as overpowering.  “One More Step” features some soaring guitar riffs that co-mingle with chugging sounds giving this song a diverse feel and sound compared to some of the other tracks on the disc.  “Weathered And Worn” opens and has a different feel to it, but soon settles into the groove of the rest of the disc.  The tempo of this song is slow and mellow compared to other tracks, but it fits nicely among the other tracks.  “This Life” features some of the fastest and more aggressive drumming on the disc, nodding towards post-hardcore influences, but the pings and squeals definitely lend themselves toward 80’s rock and metal.  This is a nice combination of the different sounds and genres.

“So Long Goodbye” is a great track that is as powerful with its lyrical content as it is with its straight edge rock approach.  The guitars direct the song, while the rhythm section provides a solid anchor to the track, especially the almost tribal sound of the drums at times. “I’ll Be Here” takes a simple approach and allows the guitars and vocals to duet nicely through the verse, while the bass and drums thump and pound steadily in the background.  At  the chorus, the vocals take over and soar nicely above the rest of the track.  “Wake Me” is a heavier track that gives the disc and band a little depth and texture, with its pounding bass line and solid drumming.  The vocals are delivered with precision during the chorus, but the cool shift back to the verse and between bridges really belongs to the bass.  “It’s Alright” slows things down and gives the disc its lone ballad-like track.  The vibe of this songs, while different from anything else here, sits well amongst the others on this disc and really allows the guitar to shine with a beautiful solo that drives this track home.  “My Last Words” closes the disc and is a strong rocker that could have just as easily opened the disc.  The vocals are a little heavier than most of the tracks, but it works on this song and is a nice contrast to the guitars.

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