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World Renowned Violinist David Garrett to Release New Crossover Album “Music” July 30

A former child prodigy of the classical world, David Garrett now excites international fans with his spectacular fusions of rock and pop with symphonic or baroque traditions. With Music, to be released July 30 by Decca Records, Garrett pushes the limits and shows the world what violin playing is all about.

“I never stopped playing classical music,” Garrett points out. “But when you become really accomplished on the violin, you can literally do anything. It’s just a matter of what you really want to do with music.”

When asked about the ambition behind the new album, he explained “I try to see classical music in a new perspective. On the other hand, I want to integrate elements of classical music into pop yet leave its original energy intact.”

The different tracks on the new album demonstrate the ease with which the internationally acclaimed violinist, who calls both Berlin and New York home, crosses physical and artistic borders between pop and classical, rock and romantic, punk and baroque styles. Rather than adopt an arbitrary mix of approaches in a postmodern “anything goes” world, Garrett insists on the highest conceivable standards in the “crossing over” of his arrangements. His understanding of “crossover” grows out of the spirit of classical music, where his roots still are.

“As a violinist you have to apply the potential from classical music to your crossover arrangements and develop an additional creativity to create true substantial interpretations,” says Garrett. He does not intend to polarize or create separations with his art, but rather seeks to bring about a lively communion based on the spirit of universally comprehensible music.

His innate musicality enables him to create these outstanding arrangements. While listening to music, Garrett intuitively “hears” the part of a violin. On the track “Viva La Vida” – originally by Coldplay – he discovered similarities to a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach. He decided to use a pedal-board, like guitarists sometimes do, to loop the violin over and over again. This way he was able to recreate Coldplay’s original arrangement on the violin.

Garrett has enjoyed international success, with his last album Legacy debuting at #1 on the UK’s classical chart. The album also went platinum in Germany on the Pop Chart, making it the first classical instrument recording to do so since the chart’s 1962 inception.


  1. Bring Me to Life
  2. Viva La Vida
  3. The Ninth Symphony
  4. Scherzo
  5. Ode To Joy
  6. Human Nature
  7. Tico Tico
  8. Nocturne
  9. Whole Lotta Bond
  10. Sonatina No. 3
  11. Sandstorm
  12. We Will Rock You
  13. Sabre Dance
  14. Celtic Rondo
  15. Cry Me A River
  16. Music
  17. Double Harpsichord Concerto in C Major

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