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LIVE: James Reyne, Perth 23 Aug 2014

| 2 September 2014 | Reply

LIVE: James Reyne, Perth 23 Aug 2014
James Reyne
The Astor Theatre, Perth, Western Australia
Saturday 23 August, 2014
Review & photography by Maree King

LIVE James Reyne 23 Aug 2014 by Maree King  (1)

James Reyne is back, and finally – although reluctantly – making the link between his youthful success with Australian Crawl and his subsequent long and proficient solo career.

Reyne has often distanced himself and refused to partake in nostalgic tributes or reformation tours, preferring to focus on his solo work and future music production. However, it could not be avoided forever and he has returned with the A Crawl To Now tour, performing to an ecstatic packed-house at The glorious Astor Theatre, consisting primarily of 40-55 year olds whose entire youth was defined by the music of Australian Crawl, and I can proudly say I am one of them.

Australian Crawl were a band they defined and represented the social and cultural identity of their time, and we lived through it with them. Whether Reyne likes it or not, his fans will always feel a sense of ownership to their music and in some ways to Reyne himself – some might say that’s the price of his fame.

Cowboy X opened the show with the soulful performance of Dave Sofield, indie rock singer/songwriter from Fremantle who was ‘discovered’ through Triple J’s Unearthed initiative. Sofield delivered song after song: this guy is almost like Pete Murray, Paul Kelly & Neil Young combined, with an earthy look and quiet soulfulness that sang through his stories. If you get the chance get out and see Cowboy X.

The very fit, athletic 56 year old Reyne came out on guitar, with his band and opened their set with Beautiful People, continuing on with all the classics like Lakeside, Indisposed, Shutdown & Downhearted before moving to keyboards to play my favourite, Hoochie Goochi Fiorucci Mama. Sorry James – I know it’s not your favourite, but I think ironically the tacky lyric is what makes it so good: the 1980’s and the early 90’s was the time of tacky, and for lyrics you cant bring yourself to sing, the crowd will and did happily sing for you! (most of us with robust drunken raspy voices fondly, albeit tongue-in-cheekily, remembering our youth.)

Predictably, a few boisterous calls came of course for the classic Boys Light Up to which Reyne replied disdainly, ‘it’s coming…,’ clearly waiting for the end – to which a cheeky crowd member yelled out ‘play Flame Trees!’ We all had a little giggle, although Reyne didn’t seem to find it quite as funny. The last song of the set bought the crowd to its feet and a rush to the front of stage to dance away our memories and the Boys Lit Up…..

The crowd spilled out onto the streets happy, excited and remembering stories of our own youthful exuberance, late night tawdry shenanigans that defined the old days – thanks for that, James!

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