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Feed Her To The Sharks – Savage Seas

| 7 June 2013 | Reply

Record Label- Independent
Released- May 14th 2013
Reviewed by Matt Karpe
Rating 8/10

Feed Her To The Sharks - Savage Seas CD

Feed Her To The Sharks debut The Beauty of Falling has been mentioned in ‘the best metalcore album ever’ discussions on various forums online, something quite remarkable when you think they were only just starting out.

It was a heavy weight to carry when the band entered the studio to record their sophomore effort; how could they possibly better an album that had already set the bar so incredibly high?

Savage Seas is just as destructive (if not more) as its predecessor. Nine tracks full of massive dominating breakdowns, technical riffage with class in abundance and the nightmare-ish vocals of Andrew Vanderzalm, all acting as a shot of adrenaline to the system.

Memory Of You is a gem of a song as brutality makes way for a stunning chorus with clean vocals and a catchy tune that British metallers Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria would be proud of. The drumming is enormous and the breakdowns are heart-pounding…the best song FHTTS have recorded to date, and one of the best metalcore songs you will ever hear.

Fuck Melbourne is a twisted oath to the band’s hometown, with a deafening ensemble of chaos, punishing percussion and such admirable energy.

Shore Of Loneliness is another prime example of their maturing sound; destructive verses leading into a mellow chorus showing again that Vanderzalm has a pretty decent singing voice that should not be forgotten.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about ‘Savage Seas’ or maybe just the band in general, is the technical ability the five musicians have. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to a band that had been together for many years, as they have such impressive chemistry that is evident all the way through the album.

Parkway Drive have been flying the flag for Australian metal for a few years, but now Feed Her To The Sharks are gaining pace and they are on the verge of stealing the spotlight.


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