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Devour the Day – Time & Pressure

| 7 June 2013 | Reply

Record Label- Fat Lady Music
Released – May 7th 2013
Reviewed by Matt Karpe

Devour The Day - Time and Pressure CD

Devour the Day duo Blake Allison and Joey ‘Chicago’ Walser are the epitome of great musicians.

Here is a debut album co-written and co-produced by the two, and they have even shared all the musical duties of vocals, guitars, bass and drumming.

At the end of 2012, highly acclaimed US rockers Egypt Central called it quits after only two albums, and almost immediately Devour the Day was born with Allison and Walser taking the reins.

The result is eleven tracks of hard rock, alternative and occasionally treading the waters of electronica and ambience.

Opener Respect has Allison showing off his diverse vocal range for the first time, something never heard during his Egypt Central days. His clean vocals make way for the odd deafening scream, and his resounding drumming is full of energy. Walser’s guitar work is just as infectious and rasping, making this an excellent start.

Current single Good Man continues in the same mould, with a catchy chorus that shows why it has had deserving exposure on the American rock radio airwaves.

Standout song Blackout is a perfect song. Another huge chorus with Allison in top form and the technicality in Walser’s guitar work shines brightest. At just over three minutes long, it’s a song that could be a frontrunner for the resurrection of Nu-Metal.

Move On takes a change in direction; a Linkin Park-esque song full of electronic sampling pieced together with thunderous drumming that sends your heartbeat off pattern.

Oath is another highlight, with a delicate piano undertone adding to the atmospherics as Walser and Allison show amazing companionship and musical prowess.

The Drifter closes the album in complete acoustic manner, ending a totally addictive album that you just want to listen to again and again.

Unfortunately this album might slip under many people’s radars due to the relatively unknown musicians on show, which is why we need to promote Devour the Day as they could very easily become your new favourite band.

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