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BREE – All American Girl

| 19 June 2013 | Reply


Label: Werewolf Tunes

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

You never know what is going to peek out of your email.  Recently I was treated to the new disc from rocker bree.  If the cover doesn’t grab your attention, give the disc a spin.  “I’m The Boss” is a cool disc opener that features Bree’s great vocals and guitar.  The sound is tight and can only be described as great rock.  The vocals stand out  and the music is just as strong.  “You Can’t Take The Heart Out Of Me” follows and opens with a cool chugging guitar riff that keeps the song rooted in a blues groove.  The vocals really come to life between the slightly raspy blues and a sexy squeal on this track.  This is helps provide a great one-two punch on the disc.  “Forbidden Fruit” is next and features another cool guitar riff that sets the song apart from the other tracks on the disc.  The vocals are more of the same fun carried over from the previous tracks, with some cool lite growls added in for emphasis.  “Whisky” has a different vibe that kicks in from the onset of the track, which has the cool sound of vinyl crackling in the speakers.  The song is layered and sounds like it is being pushed through an AM radio until the chorus kicks in and seems to give this new life; a very cool approach and effect.  “Do You Wanna Love Me” has a cool rock-a-billy vibe that is tempered by the great rhythm section that keeps time perfectly on this rocker.  The vocals are once again stellar as bree throws a little grrl attitude into the mix and gives the song an edge.

“All American Girl” is unlike the other tracks so far, but that isn’t a bad thing.  The song starts off in a different direction, but soon returns to the smooth rock sound that shows a little influence from rocks past.  “I Hope You’re Smiling” is a cool track that has a total upbeat attitude and feeling as played through the instruments, but if you check out the lyrics, you will learn a little more about the rocker and her life.  This track about her mother really stands out.  “Dance All Nite (With My Finger In The Air)” brings all the sassy attitude, sexy vocals, and killer guitar riffs to the table and serves up a rock n roll feast.  The catchy chorus is begging to be played in front of a crowd.  This should go over very well live.  “Nothin’ But Trouble” gives the disc a little more swagger.  The guitar works well against the bass and drums on this track and give the track a bit of a swing feel.  The vocals really kick in on the chorus and help elevate this track to cool rocker status.  “Heart And Soul” opens with a cool percussion and vocals duet that quickly adds a chugging bass line and a fun guitar riff that takes this song to another level.  There is something about this track that eludes description, but that really makes this one of the better songs on the disc.  “Not Today” closes the disc with style.  The guitar comes right at you and the way it seems to contrast the vocals really make this another great song that would have fit just as well anywhere on the disc.  I cannot wait to see what bree throws at us next.

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