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A LIFE DIVIDED – The Great Escape

| 23 March 2013 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: March 10, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There are so many bands I have yet to experience.  I always thought I was very knowledgeable  but I am discovering new bands that I enjoy every day.  The latest from A Life Divided is among my new favorites.  “The Lost” opens with a cool rock feel and cool industrial/techno-lite groove.  This is metal with a twist that is palatable.  The guitars are great and mix well with the effects and keyboards.  The vocals are the biggest surprise.  They are very melodic and listenable.  “It Ain’t Good” keeps the rock vibe intact, even with obvious keyboard infused music.  The guitar work is great and provides a great backdrop for the vocals.  The chorus retains the cool industrial feel from the last track.  “Clouds Of Glass” is a bit mellower track, as it opens with less guitar and toned down drums.  The vocals lead the song well and mix well with the keyboards.  The song kicks up a little during the chorus and redeems its rock value a little.  “The Last Dance” brings all the rock groove back with a little more techno feel to it, but this is good stuff.  The vocals are almost hypnotic when combined with the music track.  This has been done by heavier bands for years, but seems fresh and new when done with a melodic touch.  “Game Over” has a heavy techno/industrial feel that goes well with the rest of the disc and provides a nice contrast.  The chorus and bridges are heavier, but still easy to listen to.  “Feel” comes along and has a chill 80’s pop-techno vibe that rolls into a cool sound when the vocals layer and build to the chorus.  This is one of the better tracks on teh disc, despite the lack of a big rock sound.  “Perfect Day” is another departure from the rock sound, but not completely.  The keyboards on this track drown the guitar a bit, but once the vocals kick in I felt like I stumbled on a lost Rammstein track.  A really good lost track!

“Foreign Rain” opens with a twist, but soon the rock sound is being up-front, as the riff and drums work together to create a great vibe.  The verses are lighter, but once the guitars kick in, you know this is a cool rock track without being aggressive and speed driven.  “Wait For Me” has a rock groove that opens the track, with some cool drums and vocals, but opens into another cool rock-pop track with mild keyboards and guitars that grace the chorus and bridge.  “On The Edge” has a club feel to it with the effects that open the song and into the verse and chorus.  My only complaint about this track is the move to hardcore in the track with a bit of growling and screaming that is a departure from the rest of the disc.  “Goodbye” returns to the winning format that has graced most of this disc.  The guitar work is great and mixes well with the keyboards and vocals.  The drums and bass carry the bottom end of the track nicely.  “Space” is a mellow rocker that features the melodic vocals up front in the mix.  The track is a great song to work towards the end of the disc with.  The guitars are great without being overwhelming of full of speedy notes.  “If You Want To” is a bit mellow to end the disc on, but it is a good track.  The vocals soar through the chorus.  The keyboards and drums are a bit muted and give this a more ethereal mix that comes off well, but would have been suited earlier on the disc.

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