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BOOK REVIEW: King Flashypants And The Evil Emperor by Andy Riley

| 18 August 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: King Flashypants And The Evil Emperor by Andy Riley
Hodder Children’s Books
July 2016
Paperback, $15.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar



King Flashypants by Andy Riley

King Edwin is a generous soul, spending the whole of Edwinland’s weekly allowance on chocolate which he bombards upon his people every Friday – and Monday if they’re lucky. The problem is, King Edwin is nine years old, and his advisors aren’t very good at encouraging him to adopt good fiscal policy for his happy little nation.

Emperor Nurbison is a downright rotten scoundrel, and resolves to usurp Edwinland as soon as he hears the country is short of funds, and does so by preying on Edwinland’s citizens, who have exceedingly short memories and turn against their king after missing out on chocolate for just one week.

Until-recently-King Edwin goes on the run with Minister Jill, disguising themselves as peasants and trying to win his kingdom back.

King Flashypants is a funny and fun-filled adventure guaranteed to appeal to kids of all ages, either as a reader for young’uns, or for 7-teens to read themselves. With glowing praise from the likes of Miranda Hart (“Such fun”) and David Walliams (“almost as good as one of my books”) you just know it will be popular.

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