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Label: Maximum Ames

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

With an album and title track like this, I was very curious as to what would come sailing out of my speakers.  The aforementioned title track opens the disc and in a big way.  This track is heavy on soul and vibe.  The wall of sound background vocals is an ambitious start to the disc and sets the bar.  When the piano / vocals duet kicks in at the verse, we get a cool sound and feel in the music.  This is one of my personal favorites on the disc.  “Mystery” brings horns and more soul to the mix.  The song picks up where the opener left off and delivers, thanks to the horns and steady rhythm section.  “I Lose It” has a more driven sound to it, thanks to the piano.  The vocals seem more sullen, yet fit within the structure of the other tracks and seem to weave a different texture into the disc.  “Be A Good Person” has a Jekyll and Hyde feel to it, as it shifts gears a little more than halfway through the track, and even takes on a Beatle-esque groove at the end.  “What’s The Name Of The Town” is a cool track that sets itself apart from the rest of the disc thanks to a jazz feel.  The guitars on this song add a bit of punch to the verse and chorus, while the vocals support the mood of the track.

“On My Final Day” brings a smokier groove to the collection, thanks to the piano and vocals, as well as the percussion and bass mix in the background and bottom end.  This track helps keep the disc flowing, from a musical standpoint.  “Everybody Rains” is a pop-filled gem that breathes a different life into the disc.  This song could easily be a page torn from the Butch Walker songbook (which is a great thing in my opinion, as I love Butch and his many projects), especially the vocals which are very Walker-like.  “I Guess My Heart’s Out Of Tune Again” is a very melancholy-filled song that slows the tempo of the disc a bit and delivers one of the more emotionally charged lyrics on the disc.  Disc closer “I’m Not That Famous Yet” takes us out on moody, almost sullen track.  While it fits the feel of the rest of the disc, it didn’t push me to restart the disc over for another spin.  While not my typical fare, this is a cool disc that has its high points.

Tracklisting: I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll – Mystery – On My Final Day – I Lose It – Everybody Rains – Be A Good Person – I Guess My Heart’s Out Of Tune Again – What’s The Name Of The Town – I’m Not That Famous Yet






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