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MUSIC REVIEW: PHARMACOSE – Prescription Fiction, Pt. 1 [EP]

Label: Independent

Release Date: May 1, 2020

Rating: 90%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Pop punk rock seems to be in the flow phase of the ebb and flow of musical genres and releases.  The latest in this category to hit my inbox is the six track EP from Pharmacose.  Disc opener “Alternate Reality” is a cool track to kicks this short collection off.  The guitars are solid, the vocals catch your attention, and the cadence from the rhythm section anchors the song perfectly.  The chorus is contagious and fun, drawing you in and begging you to sing along.  Be sure to check out the solo at the bridge.  “Checked Out” slows the pace a bit after the doors are kicked open by the opener.  This track relies on the swirl of guitars an vocals through the verse before the chorus kicks in, with a soaring vocal and droning guitars and bass.  The guitar work on the verse is a cool addition to the tracks sound.  “The Clearing” is a solid track that blends the guitars, bass, and drums perfectly in the mix underneath the vocals.  This cadence of this one gets the foot tapping right away.  This is another song that has a cool guitar solo at the bridge that shows off the rock side of the band a little.  “Victory at Wit’s End” leans heavily into pop punk territory, with strumming guitars, vocals that run into an almost emo sound, and a steady rhythm section sound that allows for some percussion fills and not much else.  Once again, a highlight is the guitar work on the bridge.  “I Keep Dreaming of the Sun” has a slightly different texture and sound than the other tracks, but I think it has more to do with the subdued sound of guitars, bass, and drums through the verse.  The song falls into line with the others here at the chorus helping to keep some consistency between the different tracks.  “Perfect Pharmaceutical” ties things together with guitars that explode on the intro, vocals that grab the spotlight during the verse, and a solid contribution from the drums and bass at the chorus.  The song is foot tapping material for sure, making it a great track to close the EP out with.

Tracklisting: Alternate Reality – Checked Out – The Clearing – Victory at Wit’s End – I Keep Dreaming of the Sun – Perfect Pharmaceutical

Lineup: Wesley Jones (vocals/guitars) – Lucio Rubino (bass/guitars/vocals) – Alberto Cruz (drums) – Kevin Horne (guitars)






Category: CD Reviews

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