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MAMMOTH MAMMOTH – Volume III – Hell’s Likely

| 11 September 2012 | Reply

Golden Triangle Productions, 2012
By Shane Pinnegar

“Got a tattoo on my chest that says ‘Fuck You’
Got a demon inside my head telling me what to do
Cos I’m up all night
Got demons to fight
(Six foot high and bulletproof)”
– (Up All Night) Demons To Fight

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH – the band with a sound so thunderously huge they named themselves twice – have unleased this acid drenched slab of pure molten madness on an unsuspecting world which, if this got into the water supply, may never be the same again…

Through seven mind warping tracks, this crew of Melbournites lay waste to your sensibilities with relentless intensity. At times they sound like the missing link between Kyuss and The Hard-ons, at other times channelling a Lemmy-joins-MC5 vibe, there’s never a dull moment here – it’s in your face, destructively psychopathic, and very probably illegal in a lot of places!

Opener Hells Likely, the crushing Bare Bones, the afore-quoted (Up All Night) Demons To Fight, Sittin’ Pretty and closer Bury Me all tustle for the title of Best of the Bunch – and the other two tracks (Go and I Want It Too) aren’t at all bad either!

In a year where we’ve seen a lot of great new music already, Mammoth Mammoth have produced a truly memorable and exciting album, creating a unique sound that’s part classic and stoner rock, part metal, part punk, part garage and part mind altering.

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