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MAGIC BONES – Self titled EP

| 11 September 2012 | Reply

Self released, April 2012
By Shane Pinnegar

Melbourne’s MAGIC BONES have released a minor gem in this, their 5-track debut EP.

Trippy, spacey psych rock abounds here – like Hawkwind if they’d been brought up on Americana rather than 60’s British R&B – from the barely restrained opener Space Between Us, featuring the beautifully wistful lyric “I want to feel your little piece of soul melting into mine”, and through the acid tripped colourfulness that is Devil’s Spawn.

With tips of the hat to Sixties garage and Robby Krieger’s lead guitar playing with The Doors, How Long could be the writhing, steamy underbelly of the Summer of Love, such is the intensity of the layered melodies and denseness of the dark musicianship.

It’s a giddy brew that Magic Bones have cooked up, and it’s quite unlike anything else out there. Gouge Out A View is shorter and darker, before a more acoustic So Long, Carry On sounds like an unplugged, psych-rock Flaming Lips.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking forward to hearing what Magic Bones do next.

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