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LIVE: THE CORRS with Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs & Germein – Perth, 25 Oct 2023

| 26 October 2023 | Reply

LIVE: THE CORRS with Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs & Germein – Perth, 25 Oct 2023
RAC Arena, Perth
Reviewed by Melanie Griffiths
Photography by Stu McKay

The Corrs’ concert was a captivating time capsule to the uncomplicated ‘90s, a sanctuary before Y2K, 9/11, and GFCs. At RAC Arena, 10,000-plus fans basked in the band’s soothing Celtic rock, relishing a comforting performance that harked back to a simpler era.

Curated directly from your mum’s CD collection, the lineup of The Corrs, Natalie Imbruglia and Toni Childs dominated the radio for years with tender, soft melodic rock songs and with the inclusion of Adelaide female three-piece group Germein, it was certainly all about girl power.

Germein kicked the night off before Toni Childs wandered out to sit on the edge of the stage before tossing off her shoes and strangely kissing each band member before running through memorable hits like “I’ve Got To Go Now”, “Stop Your Fussin’” and “Don’t Walk Away”. With the presence of a gypsy, Child’s voice was lusciously powerful and soulful, with a distinctive timbre that set her apart in the realm of vocalists.

Toni Childs

Natalie Imbruglia became the manic pixie dream girl for many fans with her 1997 global hit, “Torn”. Long gone is the pixie cut and cargo pants, replaced with long soft waves and a cornflower lace dress, Imbruglia still retained her pixie energy but now with an edge of cheekiness.

A crowd favourite, the Arena was packed as Imbruglia announced, “I’m really happy to be home” before skipping around stage singing her hits like “Shiver” and “Wishing I Was There” which oozed slick Y2K pop production. New song “Habit” got a polite reception, but she knew what everyone wanted and gave it graciously with “Torn” closing her set and providing the night’s first sing-a-long.

Natalie Imbruglia

As siblings Andrea (vocals, tin whistle), Sharon (violin, keyboards), Caroline (drums, percussion) and Jim (guitar, piano) launched into the yearning pop rock ballad “Only When I Sleep”, one wonders what’s in the waters of County Louth, Ireland. The group looked sensational in black and shimmery metallic ensembles and their performance could have been lifted direct from their records.

By their admission The Corrs haven’t been to Perth for decades ad perhaps that’s why the crowd eagerly lapped up inoffensive songs like “Summer Sunshine” and the moody “Forgiven, Not Forgotten” from their 1995 No.1 breakout album. The Irish band were beloved by the supportive audience, offering up a new song – a Fleetwood Mac cover – “Little Lies”. The distinctive track was dulled with all The Corrs’ motifs, tin whistles and violins. As the night progressed with “What Can I Do” and a very reworked Jimi Hendrix cover of “Little Wing” the band’s formulaic delivery skirted on the edge of being a gimmick.

With the stunning Andrea rightly commanding the crowd’s attention, it was left up to extended musical interludes like “Joy of Life” for the siblings to get their moment in the spotlight. “Ellis Island”, about the hopes of immigrants for a better life, was a tender moment featuring the band’s glorious harmonies. “Dreams” – another Fleetwood Mac cover – was a winner but it wasn’t until the set closed that the concert finally delivered the craic. “So Young” got everyone on their feet, “I Never Loved You Anyway” kept them there, while classic “Runaway” turned the arena into a choir before “Breathless” was a refreshing way to end on a high.

The Corrs solidly delivered what any fan would expect, however, their music remains fixated on a sound developed over 20 years ago. Perhaps it’s an astute move by the band whose pleasant and unchallenging music, delivered with exceptional charm, is the safe space of a simpler time.


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