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MUSIC REVIEW: NERIAH – No One Cries Forever [EP]

Label: Neriah Records

Release Date: March 17, 2023

Rating: 85%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It seems 2023 is a year of new ‘stuff’ for me.  To say pop isn’t in my lane isn’t completely true, but it isn’t a go to for sure.  Every once in a while something crosses my email and I take it for a run through… like the EP from Neriah that dropped back in March.  Disc opener and title track “No One Cries Forever” is a cool track that unfolds slowly and with a mellow musical component that offsets the moody and emotional lyrics.  Neriah owns the track from open to close with a strong vocal that leads the charge and keeps the underlying instrumentation in check.  The song has a great vibe that keeps you attention and draws you into the rest of the collection.  “Fight Or Flight” has a different overall vibe sonically than the previous song, but sits perfectly against the same landscape.  The vocal is strong and the contagious sound of the song gets the foot tapping while listening along.  These songs all click away quickly with all but one coming in at under 3:00, but they are long enough to enjoy and short enough to leave you wanting more.  “ME & U” is the lone track to feature another artist, with lilspirit making an appearance on this duet.  The song has a cool sound that is perfect for the two different approaches to the song and lyrics… hers and his.  The smoldering vibe is perfect for the song overall and helps accentuate the lyrics and energy of the track.  “Shoulda, Coulda, Didn’t” is a fun track that I find myself singing along to each time it runs through.  The music has a poppier feel to it and features a cool guitar riff that permeates the the song and keeps it light and flowing even when the slight attitude in the lyric wants to walk up and slap you across the face.  “Dumpster Fire” has a similar vibe to it that feels like all of the other tracks blended together with an overreaching ethereal texture.  The lyric keeps the recurring theme of love gone wrong with the REALLY wrong guy going without becoming repetitive.  Disc closer “Blockbuster” slows the pace and dials back the instrumentation, allowing Neriah’s vocal prowess to shine through.  I love the feel of this one and the fact that she bares all on this track and it is the perfect close to the disc.  The crescendo as the song works to the end is a great touch.  Rock Music?  Not sonically, but this short collection rocks with attitude.

Tracklisting: No One Cries Forever – Fight Or Flight – ME & U – Shoulda, Coulda, Didn’t – Dumpster Fire – Blockbuster





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