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| 26 October 2023 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: November 3, 2023

Rating: 85%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rock is always a sweet spot for me, and the latest from Seventh Crystal is no different.  This EP gives us enough ear candy to keep us happy until the next EP or album of material.  Title track and disc opener “Infinity” features some cool chugging riffs that merge well with the keyboards in the mix as well as the driving beat from the rhythm section. The twin guitar attack provides a thicker sound that bodes well against the strong lead vocals.  “Memory Lane” unfolds with bass lines and drums in the forefront as the vocals takes us through the intro and verse.  The chorus is very anthemic and grabs your attention, begging you to sing along as if you were in an arena.  This song encapsulates everything that is right about melodic rock and how well Seventh Crystal can play it.  “Ready Set Go!” kicks off with a cool piano interlude that morphs quickly into a drum and vocal driven track that gets some guitars and bass joining the fun.  The nuances of the bass and guitars really stand out on this one, especially during the bridges and breakdowns.  Be sure to catch the guitar solo on the main bridge.  “Rivals” opens with a beautiful piano interlude that is soon joined by the lead vocal and the pairing is beautiful and gives us a killer power ballad that would have been as big in the late 80’s as any other piano-led rock ballad of the time.  Disc closer “Silence” has a slightly different sound and feel to it, but enough to seem like a cohesive part of the EP.  The guitars are solid, and the keyboards pump up the texture while the bass and drums anchor and carry the track underneath the vocals.  The overall feel of the tune seems rushed compared to others here, but it gives a good listen to other facets of the band and their sound.

Tracklisting: Infinity – Memory Lane – Ready Set Go! – Rivals – Silence

Lineup: Kristian Fyhr (vocals) – Johan Älvsång (keyboard) – Emil Dornerus (guitar) – Gustav Linde (guitar) – Olof Gadd (bass) – Anton Roos – (drums)






Category: CD Reviews

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