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OTEP – Hydra

| 15 January 2013 | Reply


Label: Victory Records

Release Date: January 22, 2013

Rating 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Otep is one of those artists that, based on most of my likes, I shouldn’t care about, but I do.  I get my hands on every release and immerse myself into her music, lyrics, and poetry.  There is just something about her music and approach that draws me in time and time again.  This disc is no different.

Opener “Rising” is spoken word over top of some cool sounds and effects that set the tone for all you are about to hear.  The track closes with a chunky riff and that growl that every Otep fan is so familiar with.  “Blowtorch Nightlight” comes along and features a great vocal track over top of a melodic riff tweaked as Otep tends to do.  “Seduce & Destroy” offers Otep crooning eerily while the guitars work to create a mood.  Soon we are treated to the emotional screams, cries, and groans we have come to expect on an Otep release.  “Crush” is very eponymous  in that the song absolutely crushes with its crunching guitars, solid bass line, and pounding drums.  The music is very reminiscent of Saves Tra, but somehow fresh and new.

Next up is “Hematopia,” which one of the well constructed spoken word pieces that is accompanied by more mood setting sounds.  This is the first of a group of spoken word pieces dropped in the middle of this disc.  “Necromantic” follows, but interjects more of the growl and verbal writhing from Otep.  “Quarantine” takes the course of more spoken word and less singing.  “Voyeur” completes the segment of spoken word over effect tracks, preparing you for what is to come in the form of “Apex Predator.”  This song, in its simplicity of Otep singing over a bass heavy section adds depth to the collection of songs on this disc.  It is somewhat a new territory for her, compared to previous releases.  “Feral Game” returns us to the Otep that we expect – passionate and pain filled, looking to get everything out before everything festers inside.  “Livestock” is another return to poetry well meshed with sounds and emotion.  “Hag” hits you in the middle of your face and doesn’t let up.  This is one of the more aggressive tracks on the disc.  The music is punishing and the vocals relentless.  “Theophagy” close the disc with more spoken word… do we see a pattern or new direction for Otep?

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