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BOOK REVIEW: Wandi by Favel Parrett

| 29 September 2021 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Wandi by Favel Parrett

Lothian Children’s Books
September 2021
Hardcover, $19.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Australian Animal / Children’s Fiction / True Stories

90% Rocking

A young cub is snatched from his family and home by a giant eagle, then dropped, injured and alone, in a suburban garden. This is where he meets his first Human, and begins his long journey to becoming the most famous dingo in the world. He will never see his mountain home again, or his family. But it is his destiny to save alpine dingoes from extinction, and he dreams of a time when all cubs like him can live in the wild in safety, instead of facing poison and bullets and hatred.

A children’s literary classic in-the-making from one of Australia’s most-loved authors.



An evocative and emotional telling of Wandi’s journey from wild dingo-pup to “most famous dingo in the world”.

This is a great way to get our younger generations curious about dingoes, and dispel the various slurs and rumours against them being wild/feral dogs and sheep-killers.

Wandi is a wonderful spark-point to get people involved in the conservation of Australia’s apex predator so commonly overlooked and misjudged in modern Australian society.

While there are some more serious topics (specifically dingoes being killed for the sake of it, because they’re seen as a pest), these elements are relevant to the story, and the short chapters and younger style of writing here make for an easy but emotional read.

And then, once you’re done reading this gorgeous book that is bound to be beloved for many years to come, and is so important in the effort to protect our native dingoes, you can go look at all the gorgeous pictures and videos of Wandi on his very own instagram account!

This book serves as a great jumping-off point for a lifelong love and support of dingoes, and should be read by young and old.

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