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MUSIC REVIEW: OCTOPUS – Supernatural Alliance

Label: Rise Above Records

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The debut release from self-proclaimed psychedelic turbo-rock band Octopus hit my inbox and eventually my speakers… and I couldn’t turn away.  The sound is infectious to anyone who has ventured outside of the mainstream rock genre.  Disc opener “The Center” draws you in with heavy riffs that sound familiar and new all at the same time, while the lead vocals grab you and don’t let go until the nearly 4-minute ride is over.  Title track “Supernatural Alliance” kicks the doors down from first note to last with heavy hitting drums, thumping bass lines, and guitar riffs that don’t let up.  Marsha Marjieh’s vocal delivery is the perfect accompaniment to complete the track.  “Strike” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc, as it swirls great vocals and chugging riffs from guitarist J Frezzato.  The chorus is catchy and the groove of the track gets the foot tapping.  “The Unknown” is a heavier track that slows the pace of the disc down and gives us a better look and listen to the thumping bass from Matt O’Brien.  The vocals help balance the heavier vibe of the track and keep this from sinking in the mix.  “Fleetwood Mac” is a song that seems to float along without much fanfare, but that is the beauty of the song.  The vocals dance across the musical landscape and seem to twist in different sounds and facets from other songs, especially at the bridge where the guitars jump out at you.

“Slave And Master” starts off with a pounding rhythm section that blends nicely with some cool heavy blues licks and are soon joined by some killer vocals that help drive the vibe of the track, along with the keyboards from Adam Cox.  This song has a cool throwback feel to it that keeps you engaged.  “Child Of Destiny” starts off like a straight-ahead rocker and doesn’t look back, even when the familiar fuzzed vocals of Marjieh join the fray.  The drumming from Todd Glass keeps the track rolling down the proverbial tracks.  “Sword And The Stone” is another track that grabbed my attention the first time I heard it and seems to get better each time I hear it.  The cadence is steady, the guitars static, and the vocals direct, but the use of keyboards helps this song stand out from others on the disc.  “Black Dynamite” is a great rocker that gets the foot tapping and the head banging in unison, giving us another solid rocker that would blend into any collection that includes heavy metal classics.  The rhythm section, guitars and keyboards, and the vocals all come together to deliver a memorable track.  Disc closer “Dragonhead” could just as easily been the disc opener, with a high energy vibe that sees the drums, bass, and guitars come charging at you from the first note and only gets stronger as the vocals join the fun.  The song has a slightly different vibe than the rest of the disc, but the contagious chorus and wall of sound from the band give help this track close out the collection in style.

Tracklisting: The Center – Supernatural Alliance – Slave And Master – Strike – Child Of Destiny – The Unknown – Sword And The Stone – Fleetwood Mac – Black Dynamite – Dragonhead




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