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| 30 September 2021 | Reply

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: September 24, 2021

Rating: 100%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Mark Tremonti has a diverse catalog that showcases his many talents as a guitarist, songwriter, and singer… especially with his latest twelve tracks on the September 24th release Marching In Time.  Disc opener “A World Away” comes at you with heavy bottom end and guitars with a thunderous groove woven into the mix, especially when the guitars kick in.  This one lets him ease you in with nuances and sounds we have come to expect from the releases under him surname.  The chorus hits and we are off and running, especially when the guitars light up the bridge.  “Now And Forever” features more of the same great musicianship we get on each disc, but there is something in the background from the guitars that adds a bit of something to the mix and Mark’s vocals on this one seem to have a different texture to them that raises the bar.  This is one that sticks with me on each listen through.  “Thrown Further” is a song that helps tie together the different facets of Mark’s musical legacy, in my opinion.  From the melodic riffs and vocals that you might expect from Alter Bridge to the chugging riffs he perfected as front man of his eponymous band to the time changes that punctuate the music he utilized in Creed, this song bridges his career nicely.  “The Last One Of Us” is a cool track that delivers a different feel and sound from most of the Tremonti catalog, but this ballad-like track draws you in and gives you somewhere land and just enjoy the music without worrying about headbanging or rocking out in your own fashion.  There is something almost hypnotic in the vibe of the track that draws out the different guitar tones.  “Under The Sun” dials things back slightly, but keeps the rock vibe in place and gives us another glimpse at the tones in the guitars and vocals that you cannot grab when everything is cranked up to 11.  The churning guitars, bass, and drums merge perfectly as the prechorus and chorus come into place.  The swirl of vocals and guitars at the transitions are some of the best Tremonti has put out.  “Bleak” is a great track that encompasses a lot of the different sounds and textures that have decorated the musical landscape of this disc.  The vocal is strong and perfectly compliments the playing of the band members on this disc.  The chorus is solid and should go over well in a live scenario, as will most of this material.  The droning bottom end adds punch to the track throughout.

“If Not For You” slows the pace slightly and givers us more time to revel in the guitar work and the vocals that weave together and create the melody that is perfectly supported by the rhythm section and solos.  The song is over before you know it, but lingers in the memory for a while as other songs cascade through your speakers.  “Let That Be Us” is a great song that rages from first drumbeat, through the riffs and bass swirling in the mix, and into the vocal that hits you about thirty seconds in.  This track was built for the radio, a live stage, and definitely for driving at your own pace as you cruise down an empty freeway.  The different textures of this track have elevated the energy and impact of the album (when I didn’t think it was possible).  “In One Piece” is another solid piece that allows you to absorb the guitars, rhythm section, and vocals.  The power in the track lays in its straight forward approach.  The verses and chorus are solid, but the breakdown and bridge are next level, especially the fretboard work from Tremonti.  The vocal on the outro chorus shows us some of Mark’s upper register and I like it.  “Not Afraid To Lose” opens with a droning sound that offsets the guitar intro and seems to dwell underneath the mix throughout, adding a bit of depth to the song and mix.  The vocal on this one stands out and seems to take this one to new levels, even when the guitars and rhythm section kick things up a notch.  “Would You Kill” is a fun track that has that galloping riff wrapped around the track that gives the heavy handed drums and thumping bass to provide a solid foundation while the vocals rear their head and help complete the musical circle.  This song has different time changes that elevate the track and the expectation on the next disc.  This one gets you rocking and rolling (trust me, I am bouncing like crazy in an accounting office as I type).  Disc closer and title track “Marching In Time” clocks in at over 7-1/2 minutes and is worth every second.  The opening lulls you in with the dual guitar sounds and Mark’s vocal while the bass and drums sit back and wait to pounce.  The song seems to build as the clock ticks, but the anticipation it creates culminates in one of the best tracks on the disc sonically, as we are given the opportunity to enjoy different sounds and textures once again.  This is the perfect bookend to the disc and prompts you to give the disc at least one more passthrough before moving on to anything else.

Tracklisting: A World Away – Now And Forever – If Not For You – Thrown Further – Let That Be Us – The Last One Of Us – In One Piece – Under The Sun  – Not Afraid To Lose – Bleak – Would You Kill – Marching In Time







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