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| 5 November 2019 | Reply

man walking between two seas

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: October 18, 2019

Rating: 98%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Alter Bridge releases killer material time after time and the latest studio offering from the band – Walk The Sky – is no different, as they seem to raise their own bar every time out.  Disc opener “One Life” is an interesting piece, as they use a droning guitar riff from Mark Tremonti as the backdrop for an ethereal vocal from Myles Kennedy to set the foundation for the first rocker on the disc.  After 83 seconds of the duo, “Wouldn’t You Rather” kicks in full speed to get the rock and roll party started.  The rhythm section drives this track while keeping it anchored and give the song a great foundation.  The guitars come to life and demonstrate once again the guitar hero abilities of Tremonti.  “Take The Crown” starts off slowly and mellow compared to most tracks on this collection, but soon the band turns the sound and energy up to 10 and get things rolling.  Kennedy’s vocals are nothing short of amazing, while Scott Phillips heavy-handed drums fill the sound.  “Forever Falling” is a great track that features acoustic guitar through the intro, but makes way for some searing leads and riffs that fill out the sound underneath Tremonti’s lead vocal and Brian Marshall’s thunderous bass lines.  The blend of Tremonti and Kennedy builds a huge wall of sound in the chorus.  Disc closer “Dying Light” is the longest track on the disc, but seems to fly by thanks to the different textures and grooves incorporated from open to close.  The vocals give Myles room to show off a slightly different vibe.

“In The Deep” has a cool guitar riff opening the track, but when the rhythm section of Phillips and Marshall unleash the bottom end, we are off and running.  The verse lets up slightly, but the bass lines and percussion is prominent and demonstrates how tight these guys are as a unit.  “Native Son” unfolds with an almost tribal sound, but soon we get a double barrel blast of Alter Bridge doing what they do best… rock from top to bottom, especially the bottom.  Kennedy’s vocals are great and carry the track from on top of the mix, while Marshall’s bass line are prominent in the mix.  “Indoctrination” is one of the best straight forward rock tracks on the disc, with killer riffs, thunderous bottom end and some phenomenal vocals all coming together without getting too heavy or fast.  This song blends all of the facets of this bands and delivers almost five minutes of great rock and roll.  “Pay No Mind” opens with an almost symphonic metal sound and groove that I associate with bands like Within Temptation and the like, but the minute the intro morphs into the verse and we get solid guitar work from Tremonti whipped into the mix with Kennedy’s vocals, we are treated to another great track that adds depth to the disc.  “Clear Horizon” comes to life almost like the disc opener, with Myles and Mark sharing the musical spotlight, but Scott and Brian jump into the mix with both feet as the verse shifts to chorus.  The guitar work breathes additional life into the track and really steps front and center during the bridge.

“Godspeed” leans into the lighter side of rock and is one of the tracks that shows off a different side of the band that keeps them from being labeled as heavy or only having one sound.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the disc each time I listen through.  The solid guitar work alongside the vocals in the mix along with the rhythm section gives this track all the makings of a great rock radio hit.  “The Bitter End” keeps the rock quotient high without leaning on scorching solos and riffs, screaming and heavy vocals, or a pounding bottom end.  This song allows each guy to shine as individuals through the song, but also shows off their ability to work together toward a common goal.  “Walking On The Sky” is a milder track that gives Kennedy a perfect platform for his vocals, while Phillips and Marshall rise to the occasion with a perfectly matched rhythm section.  Tremonti’s guitars shine and are the high point of this track, in my opinion.  “Tear Us Apart” has a great vocal blend on the chorus that really carries the track from verse to verse.  The guitar sound is cool and adds to the songs landscape, which is amply supported by the rhythm section.

Tracklisting: One Life – Wouldn’t You Rather – In The Deep – Godspeed – Native Son – Take The Crown – Indoctrination – The Bitter End – Pay No Mind – Forever Falling – Clear Horizon – Walking On The Sky – Tear Us Apart – Dying Light

Band Line-up: Myles Kennedy (vocals/guitars) – Mark Tremonti (guitars/vocals) – Brian Marshall (bass) – Scott Phillips (drums)






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