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COOKBOOK REVIEW: Tuck In – Good Hearty Food Any Time by Ross Dobson

| 25 July 2017 | Reply

COOKBOOK REVIEW: Tuck In – Good Hearty Food Any Time by Ross Dobson

Murdoch Books
July 2017
Hardcover, $39.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar



Ross Dobson’s recipes pack a punch – at their best they take some simple idea and add pizazz, style, and never without an accessible approach that most home cooks with access to basic supplies can replicate with a little passion and preparation.

Passion is, of course, essential in creating any great food, and Dobson has it in spades. It’s there in the way he doesn’t bother with a lentil and tomato soup, but showcases a Red Lentil & Sun-dried Tomato soup. It’s there when he suggests adding fish to the soup to boost the protein.

It’s there when he makes Red-Braised Pork Chops with Warm Gingery Slaw and turns a relatively simple Arroz Con Pollo into a near-Paella experience – whilst still making it easy for a non-professional to replicate.

How about a gooey, tasty vegetarian Four-Cheese Lasagne? Crying Tiger – a concoction of rump steak and a spicy Thai-influenced dipping sauce? French bistro styled Beef Cheek Stew with French Fries? A bread and butter pudding-styled Egyptian dessert using croissants that he christens Pharoah’s Pudding?

Tuck in: these are good times waiting for you to join them.


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