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| 29 March 2017 | Reply

Label: New Ocean Media – DIGITAL ONLY

Release Date: February 17, 2017

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

What do you get when you take an American Idol runner-up and toss him into a project with a killer guitarist from a legendary metal band?  You get the latest project from James Durbin and Alex Grossi – Maps To The Hollywood Scars, Volume One.  This release of five tracks is loaded with killer tracks that take you back to the Sunset Strip in the 80’s without sounding rehashed or overdone.  Opener “Roads” is a chugging rocker that merges Durbins vocals perfectly with Grossi’s guitars and builds from the minute the verse hits.  By time the chorus kicks in, we are off and running with no intention of looking back.  “Till Death” is the quintessential 80’s ballad that swirls big vocals, guitar pings & squeals, and a great piano/keyboard piece that supports the track from open to close.  The chorus is layered and gives the song depth underneath the lyrics.  “Lost Boys” opens with a familiar feel and groove… but soon grows into its own sound.  Grossi’s guitars are solid on this track and the solo at the bridge is one of the best on the disc.  Durbin really throws himself into the song, especially on the chorus.  “Abomination” is a catchy track that is slightly different in feel and texture than the other tracks, but somehow ties things together.  The cadence of the song is fun and keeps the foot tapping at a great pace.  Once the guitars join the fray, this song takes off and hooks you.  Closer “Never Ending Ride” brings the short EP to a close with chugging riffs and heavy handed basslines that take the song from verse to chorus and back again.  This track delivers the spirit and groove of the 80’s and ties it with a modern sound that will hopefully be continued on Volume Two at some point… or even the new material from Grossi’s other band that Durbin just joined – Quiet Riot.

Tracklisting: Roads – Till Death – Lost Boys – Abomination – Never Ending Ride






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