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CD REVIEW: OWL – Things You Can’t See

| 17 July 2015 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment

Release Date: July 28, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Being familiar with the works of bassist Chris Wyse helps you appreciate an Owl release, but nothing could prepare me for the latest disc hatched – Things You Can’t See.  Title track “Things You Can’t See” start this collection and it sets the pace for the rest of the disc.  The heavier bottom end on the track give this a cool rock vibe, especially when the guitars kick in full speed at the chorus.  The song gets erratic during the bridge, but it adds to the songs groove.  “Lake Ego” is a solid rocker that lets Wyse demonstrate his vocal abilities.  The guitars are solid and blend well with the vocals.  The bass lines in this track add depth to the feel of the song, and disc overall, making it one of the better overall tracks presented.  “Who’s Gonna Save You Now” has a funkier feel, thanks to the full drum sound and the funky bass lines.  Jason Mezilis’ guitar sound works itself into the mix to create a fuller sound and chunkier vibe.  The lyrics are edgy and match the musical accompaniment.  “Star Up” is a cool track that seems to pull from Wyse’s past collaborations.  The vocals and rhythm have an alternative edge to them that helps this track standout from the other songs, without diluting the rock feel of the disc.  “Witch’s Familiar” is a bit more experimental in feel and sound, without losing the Owl sound.  Dan Dinsmore’s drumming on this track create havoc and keep the song from settling down a mellower groove.  An acoustic version of “Alive” closes the collection and prominently features Wyse’s vocals and bass work alongside the rest of the band.  This laid back take on the track shows the bands ability to rock while not rocking at all.

Tracklisting: Things You Can’t See – Lake Ego – Who’s Gonna Save You Now – Star Up – Witch’s Familiar – Alice (Acoustic)





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