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Label: CaviGold Records

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another new band enters my email and crosses my desk… this time is rockers December In Red.  The disc opens with the first of three instrumental / mood creating pieces, “The Call.”  “Hooks And Splatters” is next and sets a heavy and dark mood for the disc.  The bass is ferocious and the vocals, both screamed and clean, come at you hard and don’t let up.  “Arrested On Sight” has a different vibe that gives this song a heavier feel like other tracks on the disc, but the guitars and vocals seem to play well off each other on this one.  “Corduroy” is not too heavy and not too light.  This track seems to blend some qualities from the other tracks without getting too dark.  The vocals on this song stand out as some of the best on the disc.  “Pelican” brings a killer bottom end, courtesy of the bass and drums.  The vocals keep the track from getting to heavy and keep the songs groove moving.

“Send Me A Postcard” is pretty good modern rock fare, with cool guitars and a great tribal rhythm that carries the track nicely from open to close.  The vocals are clean and show another side of the band after a heavier opening.  “The Borders” is the second instrumental track on the disc, and it is a lighter and more delicate piece than others on the disc.  “De D’Aur” is another heavy track that blends scream and clean vocals.  The drumming on this track is heavy and predominant and carries the tempo of the track.  “Hadouken” is one of the heaviest and darkest tracks on the disc, featuring screams and a nu-metal style rap.  The song seems disjointed and is very different musically and vocally than anything else on the disc.  The final instrumental, “The Fundamental,” is an ethereal track that lulls you into false safety when disc closer “Don’t Look So Surprised” opens with a heavier sound.  The track shifts gears and slows itself down through the verse and keeps a steady course, even when the drums turn it up a notch on the second chorus and the bridge.

Tracklisting: The Call – Hooks And Splatters – Send Me A Postcard – Arrested On Sight – The Borders – Corduroy – De D’Aur – Pelican – Hadouken – The Fundamental – Don’t Look So Surprised





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