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| 24 September 2014 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rock lovers were given a gift this week when Work Of Art released their latest disc Framework.  “Time To Let Go” opens with layered vocals, guitars and keyboards and doesn’t let up from the first note to the last.  This track sets a frantic rocking pace for the rest of the disc and it only gets better from here.  “How Will I Know” keeps the tempo up and the keyboard-guitar dynamic in full swing.  This track features a chugging guitar that guides the song while allowing the vocals to soar during the chorus and bridge.  “Can’t Let Go” is your typical melodic rock track with guitars and keyboards that trade off licks while giving the drums and vocals spots to shine.  This track pops due to the heavier use of keyboards.  “Over The Line” has the perfect blend of vocals, guitars, and keyboards and is easily one of the stronger tracks on the disc without being one of the more powerful songs.  The chorus is anthemic and should go over well live.  “Hold On To Love” is another mid-tempo track that shifts from rocker to ballad, without sacrificing any of the quality.  The keyboards are more prominent on this track, but they offset the vocals nicely and make this track enjoyable.  “My Waking Dream” closes the disc with the most diverse sounding track of the collection.  The ballad feel of this track never settles in and becomes either a ballad or a rocker, what it does is give the disc and the band a little depth and keeps the disc from becoming repetitive.

“Shout Til You Wake Up” is a mid-tempo rocker that gives the vocals a chance to really carry a song.  The guitars and keyboards accentuate the track, but the vocals are full and take this track, and the disc, to another level with this performance.  “How Do You Sleep At Night” is another cool track that gets running from the beginning and doesn’t look back.  The vocals give this song a sense of urgency that really drives home the lyrics and emotion behind the song.  “The Machine” comes out of the gate with heavier drums and earthy tones from the keyboards and guitars.  Once the vocals jump in, the song takes off and gives the guitar a bit of room to trade off between cool parts and chugging riffs.  “Natalie” is a beautiful track that is also one of my favorites.  The intro/opening is mellow and piano/keyboard fueled, but soon the guitar and drums kick in giving this song bite and attitude.  The vocals, especially at the chorus, take this track to another level.  “The Turning Point” opens as if it was lifted from a Chicago disc in the late 80’s, but soon shifts into another great Work Of Art track that demonstrates hints of the bands influences while showing their own musicianship and abilities.

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