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CD REVIEW: SHAMAN’s HARVEST – Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns

| 19 September 2014 | Reply


Label: Mascot Label Group

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Radio rock seems to be making a comeback, and it is due in part to bands like Shaman’s Harvest, who have released a strong album that doesn’t sound repetitive from song to song.  The first single “Dangerous” opens the disc with strength and authority.  The vocals blow the doors off this disc and the music, especially the heavy rhythm section, supports the attitude and grit of the track.  “Here It Comes” is another track anchored well by the rhythm section, but the chugging guitars that inject bits and pieces of flash and balls mix well with the vocals.  “Blood In The Water” opens with some cool vocals and a guitar riff that seems as haunting as it does heavy.  It sets the mood for this earthy rocker that shows this Jefferson City, MO bands roots and influences.  “Country As Fuck” is a different track, compared to others on the disc, but still fits within the scope of what the band has created.  The attitude of this song adds dimension and more attitude to the collection.  “Dirty Diana” is a dirty cover of a dirty track.  This lusty song is given a rock treatment with a ballsier vocal.  The bands treatment of this familiar track stands out among other songs on the disc.  “In Chains” has a filthy guitar treatment that mirrors the attitude of a lot of tracks on this disc, but also mixes well within the mix of the track, especially at the chorus when the guitars turn all rock and the band kicks in full speed.

“Ten Million Voices” opens like other tracks you hear on rock radio these days, but once the vocals kick in and starting blending with the guitars, bass, and drums, we are taken in a different direction that compliments the heavier tracks that preceed this one on the disc.  “The End Of Me” starts off like a cool ballad that prominently features Nathan Hunts vocals and a great acoustic guitar accompaniment that gives this track legs to run with the bog dogs elsewhere on this disc.  “Hero” has vocals and guitars that allow this song to soar and give the disc another track that should go over well on the radio and live with an crowd of lighters held high.  “In The End” is a great ballad-like track that is heavy lyrically, and gives the disc a little depth and emotion that brings the bands personal struggles while making the disc to light and demonstrate that with faith and perseverance, they overcame.  “Silent Voice” is the last original track written for the disc and allows the vocals to stand out alone against a great piano interlude that accompanies it.  The song, while simple at its core and essence, is one of the better tracks on the disc.  The songs impact is increased when the guitar, bass, and drums kick in at the bridge.  The band decided to keep a mellow groove at the end of the disc and rerecorded the hit single “Dragonfly” from their last disc in a stripped down acoustic version that allows everyone to appreciate not only the great arrangement of the track, but also the musicianship within the band.

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