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LIVE REVIEW: Reapers Riddle GAME OVER EP launch, 3 Dec 2013, Perth

| 12 January 2014

Reapers Riddle Game Over EP launch
With Chainsaw Hookers, Nevsky Prospekt & To Hell with Honour
Amplifier Bar, Perth, Western Australia
Friday, 3 December 2013
Reviewed by Star Wiggam

Reapers Riddle frontman Clayton Mitchell

Reapers Riddle frontman Clayton Mitchell photo by Stuart McKay

Loaded on cheap wine and ready to rock one of the filthiest pigshit rock fuckfesters everrrr, I had my ‘Game On’ (Yeah I didn’t just fucking say that – I sung it, opera style!)

The last time I came here it was bad music that left a shitty taste in my mouth. This time it was literally one of the smelliest number twos I have ever encountered in my entire life. It even managed to clear the boy bar dude (who would later jokingly frisk me the once and twice over outside) out of the toilets, which he claimed to be checking for drugs and drunk girls. Sure you were buddy! All the girls giggled knowingly when I asked what he intended to do with the drugs and drunk girls once he found them.

I arrived as the second band, Nevsky Prospect, was playing… But I’d seen five piece Perth band TO HELL WITH HONOUR in the recent past at Scorcher Fest, and they’re a great heavy band with a shitload of potential, no questions asked.

To Hell With Honour - photo by Stuart McKay

To Hell With Honour – photo by Stuart McKay

If you like your music heavy, a little bit gritty and throat wrenching kick ass (they liken themselves to Heaven Shall Burn, Lamb of God, Unearth) – To Hell With Honour is the band you wanna come see. I don’t feel they should have been up first… but someone’s gotta go on first and it beats the number two I would later become nasally infused with. They’re on Facebook so give their page a bash AND if you like your music hungry n’ heavy with a dash of spirit, then definitely come see these guys – they deserve it, have a cool stage presence you’ll be drawn in by, and you owe it to yourself.

To Hell With Honour – We salute you!
NEVSKY PROSPEKT are a three piece alternative rock band from Perth who have been gathering themselves a fair bit attention if the information on their Facebook page is anything to go by.

They certainly got my attention when the singer mentioned he had home baked goods outside for everyone. I mean WOW, and fuck me – did he just say chocolate eclairs? Only one of my faves! What the actual fuck? Am I in a sick and twisted 70’s cross dressed hard rock musical sitcom?

Booze, rock and baked goods: that’s more on offer than a Sunday home open in the burbs.
Avalanche came crashing in, with so much spit flying through the air I wondered if I was going to make it out alive.

“You’ve just drowned! (just like how I have so many times in Tomb Raider) GAME OVER!” But the game was only really in its first stage… and this was an avalanchistic ride I was happy to take a ride on!

It didn’t seem to matter that the crowd wasn’t in massive wave of attendance at the second level, these guys didn’t seem to let that affect their performance in the slightest, and that always earns my respect. They have the winning game factor ingredients and slowly the numbers grew thicker & the recipe was ready to eat up, and I was armed, ready, willing and able to enter the rock food infused coma these guys were ready to inflict us with.

With a couple of songs somewhat reminiscent of Janes Addiction, in particular Majesty, they owned the stage & the right to have my attention. From the Heavens, based purely on the integrity of the singer, is another song of sheer captivation, ”or simply burning to the ground. I will take control and fly away from this day now.” If I was playing a game, the song would be a bloody distraction & I probably would have burned up in a fiery lava-like death of Mine Craft (and I hate that stupid game!)

Tramadol Nightmares, “SOS ohhhhh” was the highlight song for me. I heard a girl near me saying it sounded a little ‘Karnivool-ish’… whatever the case, I didn’t give a shit. Overall they put on an exceptional performance and they were applauded and crowd praised accordingly. If this was a cookfest these guys were burnt black, left in the oven til well done and smokin’!

I knew I had discovered at least a few songs I wanted to hear more of. My only regret? Not getting my teeth into one of those Chocolate Eclairs. Would I go see them again? You bet your shitty little butt sniffing ass I would.

Nevsky Prospekt – Get it hot.
CHAINSAW HOOKERS start to play and I try to whisper something into the ear of my friend next to me and she cannot hear me.

I yell at her “Good! That’s the way it fucking should be”

“What?” she screams. “I can’t hear you”, and I think “Haha haha! She can’t hear me!”

She’s looking at me like I’m some kind of freak because I am visibly laughing and looking pleased with myself and she has no clue what I’ve been saying or what I am thinking.
I’m laughing because I AM pleased. This pleases me because a good band will fill the air with noise and furious, powerful, monstrous volume and you should not be able to even want to talk AND that of course is what gaming level skill we are playing with here.

The only people I see who are having to need to get their ‘GAME ON’ is all the record labels letting bands like Chainsaw Hookers slip through the cracks of their diligently influential fingers.

I ask myself this each time I see these guys… ‘why is this quality hardcore punk rock band not signed to a large label, filling stadiums and at the very least opening for some of the worlds biggest names?’ With that said, they do and have opened for many in the past but you get what I mean. See their Facebook page for dates supporting The Misfits on the agenda.

I loved their usual boyistic sarcastic sense of humour telling the small crowd not to talk between songs. The last time I saw them they told the crowd to go get their dickhead mates from outside and every one responded accordingly – and went and got their dickhead mates from outside. And that’s the kind of control a band like this commands. Crowd CTRL, ENTER & WIN!

I laughed and I sucked up some of the shit-soaked up air – it didn’t matter because I was watching the loved up gorefest horror gamers Chainsaw Hookers. I’d sniff shit & drink blood from the veins of virgins to watch those guys, all night long. Okay I wouldn’t… but you get my point of sale.

Put simply, this band is well below its quota of placement in the game that is the rock n’ roll industry, and whilst they did an exceedingly screamed-to-hell-and-back job to support Reapers Riddle and tried to not make it their own on the night. In light of their request to support, how can you ever compare to such quality? This shit is the real deal and will always remain a personal favourite of mine. There is no questioning who or what they stand for.
With a mash of old and new songs, disappointment only swaddled through my mind at the lack of numbers over all. Always an ass ripping performance, soaked in sweat, humour and above all else, pure musicianship perfection. No shit.

Chainsaw Hookers photo by Stuart McKay

Chainsaw Hookers photo by Stuart McKay

A cover of Kiss’s Love Gun was pretty cool & they certainly made it their own. A few of my faves popped up – Never Sleep Again, My Revenge and Party Man (I recommend the video – some dude gets his nutsack tattooed)… as well as a couple of newbies, Jaws and The Lost Boys – all worth the aural damage unleashed on me. Unlike ear rape, this was consensually approved aural excavation.

What I also noted about the guys, is they were there from start to finish of the gig to support the other bands. This small act of honour is a large act to follow – in both cases.
I did not want to see the end of the set and even though this gig was meant to level up to the final stage, I just wanted to replay the same level again and again.

Chainsaw Hookers – akin to the legendary classic – You Shook Me All Night Long or even Squealer.


Strangely the poster artwork is labelled Reapers Riddle vs Chainsaw Hookers, and whilst I do see the pun and creative use of words, I fail to see why you would want to be seen as taking on one of Perth’s greats (whether that was even the point or not, it could have been perceived by some) who have come to support your quest for greatness? So, if this gig was a game and Reapers were taking on Chainsaw Hookers… who won? That is the question on the mouths of a few.

Other than that, the charismatic stage presence of Clayton Mitchell was a winner, his fright night exciting & gorifyingly eccentric stage antics – blood and brains galore – reeled us in like we had no choice in the matter. We were hooked. A silent killer. A Pacman ghost, ghost raping you from behind.

Reapers Riddle set list

All the boys stepped up with their stage presence (I even noticed Jason did a few small stage dances) which gave me a chuckle and it was a like a real life battle of the bands, especially when, during Labyrinth, everyone is singing along “no way out”!

Did I want to hit the OFF button? Did it scare me akin to a zombie coming out from nowhere gnawing on my back and neck when I’m not expecting it – just as Call of Duty Black Ops II? No! For the most part people – akin to zombies – gathered at the front stage and centre wanting to drink blood, smashed n’ hammered with brains… It was a game that everyone seemed to be taking in, like a zombie mother would eat its own child.

No, it was more like the villain becoming the hero of the day.

When Clayton eyeballed me with a handful of brains, I was front line and centre hoping he’d slug me with it. But he did not and, truth is, I wasn’t disappointed: some other poor sucker took the hit for me and it became blatantly obvious their reaction was far more orgasmically insane than mine could ever have been.

I have seen Reapers Riddle play live a few times now and I am a friend and fan of the guys but my game plan is always to maintain a level of truth – I will not beat around the bush. No cheats and no trying to WIN friends.

Whilst they did not fail to deliver familiar catchy grooves and a sometimes heavy metal likeness that I have always had a deep desirable love for, Clayton did seem to be not his usual confident self, especially on one very small occasion, but did quickly swing back with the AC/DC Who Made Who reference on the night. Reapers have proven themselves to be a driving force in the Perth rock scene & I am a fan, so this was quickly forgotten and forgiven. Why? Because they did have their Reapers gameathon attack sight-range on… and they did kill it. And for that, those little sniper fucks won my approval.

With a few whispers here and there lurking odorously from the girls loos, came mention of… was the ‘Game Over’?… Was this the final show for two of the band members? Sorry, but I am sworn to girl toilet secrecy, but the girl’s loo gossips were in full swing tonight!

I did however have to question if these whispers had anything to do with the short-lived level of seemingly being unsure at one point on stage – and who knows whether Clayton was even aware of the presentation of such – but none of that mattered because the mechanical growth of the fan base has long been established – the fans came, they saw, they witnessed, they loved, they drunk blood and partook in the brains of the rock-god-like stage presence of Clayton Mitchell. Ok that’s a lot of shit dribbling right there but you get the picture – they did fucking great and wiped the stains off the floor with new songs such as Fade To Grey, my favourite newie Labyrinth, If You Died Tomorrow, The Clock Pt 1, and later Game Over, and they never fail to disappoint when they play Fall Away.

They tore us new brains and earlobes and I felt like I’d been thrown into a blood filled washing machine full cycle. And I pondered that there was no doubting those empowering heavy rock guitar riffs n’ grooves that draw you in to an expelling demonic possession right in the mosh.

The new songs were a great addition and Reapers (as expected) have not sacrificed or sold out on with their release of the latest EP. Hell, I might even put their new EP in the car stereo for a day or two. Then again I may never release Wiked Fury from the pilot’s seat.

A little new year’s belated xmas tree topper for them came when the room filled with avid supporters, all screaming for more before Mitchell even had a chance to pretend they just played the last song.

There was a roaring demand and chant from the crowd pleading for one more song – which was the key song we’d all been waiting for, Game Over. They were armed, dangerous and were delivering the goods – with a tight set of players on the night in Wayne Frodyma on Drums (that boy knows how to treat a drum kit), Jason Edwards on Bass, Michael Willis on Lead & Rhythm Guitar and Dan Bishop on Lead & Rhythm Guitar – how could they ever lose?

With the infamous ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’ we Drop-ped into My Blood, and with all the headbangers aligned front and centre. “BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINSSSSSSS” – let’s hope this band never dismembers. “Zombified! I’m alive, I’m alive” – I felt so alive!

But if all that Clayton says to be happening comes into fruition (they’ve announced they have touring plans on the agenda – nationally and internationally), it’ll be a great year for Clayton and the boys, and we hope to see them grasp new opportunities and ‘expansions’, roll with the punches, duck n’ dive where they need to and look at every hurdle as a new opportunity to improve and grow. CREDIT where credit is due…

As I left in a spit-covered, rock injected, zombiefest stupor, I swear I have never seen this much spit from the mouths of singers at one gig before – nor have I ever seen people intentionally lining up with their mouths open wanting a piece of that action (reminiscent of baby birds looking for their mother to feed them), Reapers Riddle did not treat this like it was a game or that it was a game over.

‘GAME ON’ BITCHES – Reapers Riddle – If You Want Blood You Got It.

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