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The Superjesus – Live in Perth, 23 June 2013

| 27 June 2013 | Reply

With The Love Junkies & Broken Royale
Amplifier Bar, Perth
By Kevin Curran

The Superjesus Aust tour 2013

I arrived just in time to catch the last couple of songs by Broken Royale (featuring members of various Perth bands such as Loose Unit and Dirtwater Bloom) whose sound combined a blend of 80’s New Wave and Garage Rock, with a hint of Electro.

Front woman Germaine gave a sassy delivery which included a Native American head piece in the closer and kept the early punters entertained. These guys & gals wouldn’t have been an obvious choice to support the hard rocking Superjesus but seemed to fit the opening slot nicely, giving those arriving early something refreshingly different.

Up next it was The Love Junkies, who have been busy as of late with lots of major supports under their belt and with their debut album Maybelene just recently dropped. Having seen these guys live a couple of times before, they are a exceptionally talented trio but lacked a little energy up front tonight from their usual high power live show – possibly due to front man/guitarist Mitch McDonald getting zapped by the mic early on.

Song wise they were rock solid, playing a mix of stuff from the new album and EP. Drummer Lewis Walsh is a absolute beast on the drums and is one of the best drummers around. Things are on the up for these guys and I wouldn’t be surprised if they break through into the big time in the next year.

After a short wait The Superjesus hit the stage to a roar from the now busy Amplifier bar. It’s been a long time in between drinks for the band and from Sarah Mcloed’s shit eating grin it looked like maybe they had missed this. Singles Ashes from Sumo and Stick Together from the Rock Music album were brought out early to great response.

Sarah Mcloed looked fit as a fiddle and did everything with a wink and a smile tonight, introducing the band and thanking everyone for coming before going into an extended version of the soothing Sandfly highlighting guitarist Tim Henwood’s chops.

The Superjesus 2013

The set list leaned heavily on the band’s singles, and why not as this was the reunion tour after all. Secret Agent Man and Saturation were up next and went down a treat, the band then launched into arguably their biggest commercial hit next, with Gravity also receiving the biggest crowd reaction of the night.

After a short pause they returned for an encore with ballad Second Sun and the song that started it all for them Down Again, leaving those in attendance satisfied they had seen a great Aussie rock band. It may have been a long time since they have played together but the band were supremely tight and didn’t lack any enthusiasm – especially on Sarah’s part. Whether this was a once off tour or not, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we have seen of The Superjesus.
Guest reviewer Kevin Curran is lead singer of Perth band Hailmary – find out more about them HERE

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