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| 8 March 2014 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: January 10, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I have a soft spot for symphonic metal – not sure what it is that attracted me in the first place.  If done right, I can put a disc on and listen for hours.  The latest from Suncrown does it pretty good.  Disc opener and first single “The Beginning Is Near” has the key components of really good rock from the symphonic genre.  The one thing that threw me a little was the use of instruments that gave this a celtic or folk metal sound – which happens on most tracks.  The vocals are really good and help carry the song.  The same can be said for other tracks like “Open The Winds” and “Push.”  The former also features a killer bottom end courtesy of the rhythm section, while the latter features killer guitar solos in between the vocals and celtic/folk pieces.  There are tracks, while sounding symphonic on the surface, miss the mark for me.  “Who Are You” is one of those tracks.  The vocals are good, the guitars and keyboards play well together, but something just doesn’t grab me on this one.  “Grandfather’s Song” gets on track after an extended introduction.  The vocals are sharp and play well against the guitars and keyboards.  The rhythm section is also a driving force on this track, as the drums and bass seem to be perfectly in sync.

“You Are Not Alone” is a mellow track that allows the vocalists to spread their wings a little and show off their talent without competing with the rest of the band.  A similar track is “Just Like You,” which is a piece that allows the vocals to shine with a beautiful piano accompaniment, that slowly evolves with the addition of a the rest of the band.  This track, while being mellow, is one of the shining moments on the disc.  The bands adds depth and power, without turning the volume and attitude up.  “Primordial Call,” an Infernorama cover, is the another song that I feel really hits the mark.  The vocals drive this track, while the chugging guitars give the song an edge that is unmatched on the disc.  “Sometimes This Life” is another great track that has a great blend between the vocals and the band.  The use of background vocals give the chorus and bridges depth, as does the chugging riffs underneath the verses.  “Gates Of Babylon ” is a different take on the Rainbow track.  Other than the string introduction, this is a straight forward rocker that gives the disc a nice kick at the end.

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