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| 4 February 2018 | Reply

Label: Average Joe’s Entertainment

Release Date: February 2, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I couldn’t wait to finish my review of this disc.  I received an advance while on vacation and the songs were absorbed while driving across country.  I put the songs away for a little while so I could listen again and see if the songs were still as strong and impactful as they were after the first few listens through.  The latest studio release from Montgomery Gentry kicks off with a bang – with the awesome track “Shotgun Wedding,” that brings Eddie and Troy’s voices together,  blending and swirling their different tones with a humorous set of lyrics and killer music.  The song has the right blend of country, rock, and fun culminating in a great mix of layered vocals and music.  “Better Me” is one of those songs that sticks with you.  The lyrics are introspective and take me back to different moments in my own life.  Troy’s vocals are spot on emotionally and are as big a component of the storytelling as the lyrics themselves.  I am sad for myself and every fan, as we will never get to see and hear Troy sing this amazing track live.  “What’cha Say We Don’t” is another cool track with a fun cadence that gets you moving – it actually makes me want to get on a dance floor and have some fun.  This fun anti-breakup song brings together all the great facets of the various tracks on the disc and swirls them together in what is one of my favorite songs.  “Get Down South” is a fun song that shows off the duos ability to have fun and enjoy what they do without being too serious.  The rhythm is catchy and the contrast in the verse and chorus vocals as a cool modern feel to it.  “Feet Back On The Ground” is a typical Montgomery Gentry style track, which helps tie some of the different grooves and patterns of the other tracks on this disc with their catalog and past, tying everything together.  Be sure to check out the transition between chorus and bridge where the guitars and Gentry’s voice swirl, while Eddie Montgomery’s vocals anchor the track through the verse and outro.  “King Of The World” is the closest the guys have to a “classic” country track on the disc, from the lyrics to the guitars and various instrumentation to the overall vibe of the song and its flow.  This is a cool way to reference some of their influences and tie them into their sound.

“Needing A Beer” is a fun drinking song that gets the foot tapping… who am I kidding… boots stomping.  This lyrics are chippy and fun, like a lot of their earlier tracks and tips the proverbial cap to those that influence our lives daily, including the military and first responders.  The guitar solo at the bridge is a fun listen too.  “Crazies Welcome” slows the pace a bit, but doesn’t dial down the intensity or quality of the songs.  The lyrics are so telling of daily life for us regular folk.  You can’t help but think of the ‘crazies’ that you welcome into your life on a daily basis or over the years that will always be a part of your life.  “Drive On Home” is a really good love song that doesn’t lean on the typical sappy lyrics and patterned musical accompaniment.  The vibe of this track is a feel good song wrapped around heartfelt lyrics.  “Drink Along Song” is all Montgomery, from the first vocal to the last.  The vibe of the track is perfectly suited to his sound and image.  While a drinking song, it cuts a slightly different path than most of the other on the radio as this one gets the foot tapping and is more about the party and less about the drink itself.  “That’s The Thing About America” rolls slowly across the landscape of the disc as we near the end of the collection.  The chorus is contagious and is a cool contrast to Eddie’s vocals from the verse. The lyrics are seemingly ripped from the fabric of each of our collective lives and experiences.  Disc closer “All Hell Broke Loose” is a bitter sweet track that spins a different twist to the typical love song.  The title itself, as well as several of the lyrics, seems to point also at the fate of Montgomery Gentry, as the recording for all of the tracks on this release was finished days before the tragic loss of Troy Gentry.  To answer my own question… no these songs aren’t as strong as the first listen through – they are even better.  The songs are cohesive and take you on a rollercoaster ride of fun and emotion culminating in my first 10 rating of 2018.

Tracklisting: Shotgun Wedding – Better Me – Needing A Beer – What’cha Say We Don’t – Crazies Welcome – Get Down South – Drive On Home – Feet Back On The Ground – Drink Along Song – King Of The World – That’s The Thing About America – All Hell Broke Loose






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