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THE JAC – Record Store

| 8 May 2013 | Reply

Egomaniac Music
April 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

The Jac - Record Store CD

Joe Algeri returns with a special Record Store Day single, fittingly titled Record Store and its colourful power pop of the highest order, featuring an impossible-to-misplace melody, lusciously layered backing vocals and a sweet paisley guitar line. A love story not only to the girl who works in the store, but also the store itself, Record Store is a great addition to your Record Store Day swagbag.

In the finest vinyl tradition (though this is only available digitally for now, some of the funds from the digital sales of these songs will go towards manaufacturing a vinyl version), the single is backed by a few quirky goodies – Fuck It is an 84 second blast of angerpoppunk; while Neil Young’s Heart Of Gold’s vocals are synth treated enough to sound like Daft Punk playing out front of a solid rock band. Sin City retains all the twang and grit of the original Flying Burrito Brothers: all that’s lacking is a nudie suit and a bottle of tequila.

Algeri (as The JAC) is pure class all the way, a relentless musical explorer with the golden touch for melodies and arrangement and an endearingly kooky sense of humour. Check him out sometime – you’ll be glad you did.

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