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| 10 May 2013 | Reply

Severity Records
Released 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Raygun Mortlock - Abuse EP

An aggressive sub-thrashy wall of noise, Raygun Mortlock’s debut EP pummels through the speakers in a punk assault that is part Mark Of Cain, part Black Flag and part street brawl.

Ten Million Dollar Anthem pulses with venomous Motorhead-ish intent, Wifebeater is full of barely restrained malevolence, while a cover of The Jesus Lizard’s Blockbuster veers into The Birthday Party territory. Well, The Birthday Party fuelled by cheap speed and broken glass, perhaps.

On the strength of Abuse, these Queensland/New South Wales ne’er-do-wells are worth keeping an eye out for, if only to see them coming in time to cross the road and avoid a ruck.


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