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| 19 August 2020 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: August 21, 2020

Rating: 95%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Imogen Clark was brought to my attention back in June and I have taken the six-track EP for several spins in that time absorbing all the musical goodness in that short release. Disc opener “My Own Worst Enemy” is built not only for a live audience, but a big one packed into an arena.  From the great rhythm section and guitar work to Clark’s amazing vocals, this song is chomping at the bit to be played to live.  The tempo gets the foot tapping; I find my foot going crazy every time I listen through.  The breakdown at the bridge adds a little depth and texture to the track. “Inside Out” features one of the better vocals on the disc, as I love listening to what Imogen does with the different sections of the track and how she allows her voice to take her along for the ride, especially on the chorus.  The milder tempo still grabs you and drags you with it, but with a contagious undertone that you don’t even realize is there until you are in it. “Push Me Down” is a slightly different song sonically, as it seems a bit stripped back and acoustic leaning.  The vocals are still spot on and the accompanying musical component supports the track.  The chorus is contagious and Clark’s vocals yearn for you to sing along with her on the catchy chorus. “Paper Boat” unfolds slowly, but with purpose.  An ethereal vibe winds its way into the musical DNA of the track and demonstrates a different facet of Imogen’s writing and performing.  The ebb and flow of the track culminates in a chorus that builds and culminates with a bridge that cuts its own path and crescendos to a killer chorus and outro. Title track “The Making Of Me” finds Imogen bared as the song features stripped back instrumentation, with the remaining focus on her emotionally charged vocals.  The poignant lyrics are perfectly delivered and the more simplistic accompaniment punctuates the strength of the lyric and allows Clark to flex some vocal muscle. Disc closer “Found Me” is a pop friendly rocker that ties together a lot of the other tracks on the project with a wall of sound feel thanks to the harmony vocals without being overbearing.  The overall groove of the track gets you moving, but more importantly gets you to kick start the entire collection from the start again… and again… and again.

Tracklisting: My Own Worst Enemy – Inside Out – Push Me Down – Paper Boat – The Making Of Me – Found Me






Category: CD Reviews

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