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FOR TODAY – Prevailer EP

| 1 April 2013 | Reply


Label: Razor & Tie

Release Date: April 2, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Mike Hubbard

The last 12 months have been quite a roller coaster for Razor & Tie band For Today.  After signing with Razor & Tie they released their most successful recording to date, ‘Immortal,’ in May 2012.  In June, drummer and founding member David Morrison left the band for full-time missionary work in South America.  They spent the summer of 2012 on their first Warped Tour, gaining exposure to a broader audience.  Then in January 2013, they gained significant press when Mike Reynolds, founding guitarist, went on a Twitter-spree regarding homosexuality that was extremely divisive.  Shortly thereafter Reynolds announced his departure from the band, citing that he and his wife were entering Bible College.

With that backdrop, For Today is releasing ‘Prevailer,’ an EP and DVD documentary on April 2.  The EP features four new songs and an acoustic cover of “Fearless,” which was the first single from Immortal.  The opening track, “From Zion,” fades in with a guitar arpeggio, crescendoing into a chorus of “Every living thing will bow down at His feet.”  It continues to build, laying a theme that we are in a war, a spiritual war.  Following a brief breakdown it continues with the war theme, but turns on the offense.  “Never again do we fight alone, the promised one has come to set His people free.”  The song concludes with a call to arms: “Rise up! We are the resistance!”  The cover art for the EP depicts Jesus wearing the crown of thorns, placed on him by the guards who were mocking him just prior to his crucifixion, and the second track, titled “Crown Of Thorns,” addresses the spiritual ramifications of this act.  “No one can take His life, He laid it down for me.  That twisted wreath of thorns, yeah He took that crown for me.  Then after three days out of the ground for me, He overcame it all.  Now I live to serve Him.”  This track shows For Today at their musical and lyrical best.  The next two tracks, “Flesh And Blood” and “Open Heaven” are solid, but not remarkable.  Both follow a familiar pop-influenced verse chorus format, with “Flesh And Blood” featuring a strong breakdown.  The EP concludes with the acoustic cover of “Fearless,” and this track is the surprise gem of the EP.  Once stripped of the heavy guitars and drums, and the death metal growl vocals, the beauty of the lyrics of “Fearless” are front and center.  Musically, For Today is much like dozens of other death metal bands.  It is their lyrics that set them apart, and it is refreshing to see them shine through in this form.  “He can’t stop the kingdom, you’ll see him bow at the throne on judgment day, so let the devil come.  We are fearless.” One can almost imagine this being sung as a worship song during a church service.

The Prevailer EP is short, but it gives us a good indication of where For Today is and where they are going. Musically, they are continuing to gel and mature along the trajectory started with Immortal. Lyrically, they show that they continue to be unapologetic regarding their commitment to their Christianity. This is a solid effort by For Today, and the tracks “Crown Of Thorns” and “Fearless” definitely make repeat listens worth your while.

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