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Gaelic Storm’s “Rag And Bone Workshop” July 29-August 2 At Full Moon Resort In NY’s Catskill Mountains

| 1 April 2013 | Reply


Celtic-rock group Gaelic Storm are set to host their first-ever Rag and Bone Workshop July 29-August 2 at Full Moon Resort in the heart of the “Forever Wild” Catskill Forest Preserve, just one half hour west of Woodstock, New York. Through four days of camping, classes, music and stories, Gaelic Storm’s Rag and Bone Workshop will explore the band’s Celtic influences, the instruments that shape their sound, and more.

Through the course of nine albums, the core members of Gaelic Storm–Irish frontman Patrick Murphy and English vocalist-guitarist Steve Twigger–have lived, written and recorded in the United States. The group’s catalog features three #1 albums on the Billboard World Chart, with overall sales of more than 1 million.

Classes and clinics will be taught by the current members of Gaelic Storm–frontman Patrick Murphy, guitarist-vocalist Steve Twigger, percussionist Ryan Lacey, piper Pete Purvis and fiddle player Kiana Weber–as well as Gaelic Storm’s former fiddler Jessie Burns.

Steve Twigger of Gaelic Storm states, “We’ve got a great relationship with our fans, our shows are always very interactive and the camp takes that one step further.  The Celtic tradition includes handing off stories and music from generation to generation and the camp is an opportunity for us to do that.  We’re looking forward to a very personal and fun four days.”

Gaelic Storm’s live shows have always had the familiar communal and interactive feel of a neighborhood pub. The Rag and Bone Workshop takes that experience to the most personal level, as each individual band member will teach group classes in their respective areas of expertise – acoustic guitar, fiddle/violin, pipes and whistle, and percussion/drum classes (including bodhran and spoons), as well as songwriting classes. Private lessons will also be available. Attendees of the songwriting class will write with the band, and the performance on the final evening will feature the campers as the headliners performing songs penned at the workshop with Gaelic Storm as the “house band.”

Gaelic Storm will also perform two official shows–a full band set and their “Old Songs and Old Stories” storyteller set. And, in the spirit of celebration, there will be at least one formal whiskey tasting (for those who are of age), and jam sessions with band members each night…sometimes into the morning.

Gaelic Storm’s Rag and Bone Workshop offers a variety of pricing options, based on the variety of available accommodations. Packages are on sale now at: and start at just $795, including lodging, access to all gourmet meals, performances, and camp activities. Rag and Bone Workshop is open to music lovers of all ages – musicians of all skill levels and non-musicians alike.

All activities will be held at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY, which features an eclectic array of comfortable, rustic country-inn accommodations as well as primitive tent camping. All accommodations are just steps away from daily camp activities. Guests can enjoy the spring-fed swimming pool, on-site access to the Esopus Creek, and explore the splendors of the Catskills on the nearby network of hiking trails. Dedicated to the celebration of nature, music and the arts, this one hundred-acre wonderland of mountains, fields, and streams is a world of its own.

Gaelic Storm’s Rag and Bone Workshop is part of the successful Music Masters Camp Series ( held at Full Moon Resort.

Rag and Bone Workshop Website:

Rag and Bone Workshop Facebook:

Gaelic Storm Website:

Gaelic Storm on Facebook:

Course descriptions for the Rag and Bone Workshop are as follows:

Songwriting with Steve Twigger: Learn how “Me and the Moon” was written. What was the inspiration for “What’s the Rumpus?,” and where do these ideas come from? How does Steve start and how does he turn a story into a song? Together with Steve and fellow campers you will write a song that you can perform in an evening showcase with Gaelic Storm as your personal backing band. We will break the song down, learning about rhyming patterns, song structure, arrangements and dynamics. Explore how to marry the music with the words and enhance the emotion in the lyrics. The members of Gaelic Storm will come together to help you bring the most out of your writing, and be there alongside you on performance night to present your composition to the camp. (Don’t worry, we’ll sing it for you if needed)… Next year, crowd surfing lessons!

Acoustic Guitar (Beginner/Intermediate) with Steve Twigger and Ryan Lacey: Learn how Steve approaches playing the guitar and the unique style he has brought to the acoustic, folk-rock sound of Gaelic Storm. Learn to play traditional songs like “Tell Me Ma” and Gaelic Storm originals like “I Miss My Home” and “Johnny Tarr.” Learn some of the basic chord shapes and progress towards bar chords, moveable chords and voicings. Learn how to groove; Ryan Lacey will be on hand to put some rhythm in your playing. Participate in the final jam session alongside Gaelic Storm performing some of the material you have been working on.

Acoustic Guitar (Intermediate/Advanced) with Steve Twigger: Get the most out of your acoustic guitar sound! Learn about the advantages of “Drop D” tuning, how to put bass lines and internal voicings in your playing, and how to back fiddle and pipe tunes like “After Hours at McGanns” and “Storks of Guadalajara.” You’ll gain experience on how to really play WITH the band and learn some of the tricks to communicating musically on stage. In the final jam you will be alongside the band showing off your new techniques. Steve may even show you how to down a pint of Guinness while standing on one leg and playing the guitar!

Drumming Introduction – The World Through Percussion with Ryan Lacey and Patrick Murphy: In this class you’ll explore drumbeats from all around the globe, including Irish, Cuban, American, Brazilian, African, Peruvian and more. By both listening to recorded music and of course playing, you’ll learn the different drumming instruments and styles incorporated into Gaelic Storm. Patrick will be stopping by as well to discuss Bodhran and Spoons. Learn Ryan’s musical background – teachers, influences, playing experience, and recording experience. You’ll even receive a mix CD of some of Ryan’s favorite drummers!

Beginner Drummer Technique with Ryan Lacey: Learn some fun drumbeats that will work in almost any jam setting, as well as the basics of hand positioning and drum notation. We’ll explore Bodhran and Spoons as well! Study how to play simple Gaelic Storm parts and perform them with Ryan and other campers on songs such as “Tell Me Ma,” “I Miss My Home,” and “Johnny Tarr.”

Intermediate Percussion And Drum Concepts with Ryan Lacey: This course includes a hands-on exploration of world beats (mixing 3/4 and 4/4 timing), and teaches you how to start utilizing your feet as well as your hands. Learn why Ryan plays what he plays, and why it works.

Drumming On The Canvas – How To Be a Musician Not Just a Drummer with Ryan Lacey: Learn to create a tapestry of sound in addition to laying down the groove. Explore dynamics such as intensity, simplicity, and creativity in music while creating your own drum parts with guidance from Ryan.

Driving The Bus – How To Drive The Rhythm Section With The Guitar Player with Ryan Lacey: Explore the concept of having a “heads-up” mentality to performing in a collective group. You’ll learn how Steve and Ryan relate musically together, both on stage and in the studio. Play the songs of Gaelic Storm with Steve and Ryan, and with your fellow campers!

Fiddle – Irish Session Tune Building and Session Etiquette (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) with Jessie Burns and Kiana Weber: Learn new tunes and how to combine them in a pub session environment. By the end of the camp you’ll have a new repertoire of tunes to bring to sessions!

Fiddle – Learning By Ear with Jessie Burns and Kiana Weber: Learn techniques to comfortably absorb tunes by ear – and to remember them!

Irish Fiddle Technique (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) with Jessie Burns and Kiana Weber: Learn what makes Irish Music sound Irish and how to play that way.

Get Into The Groove – Comping And Chopping On A Fiddle with Kiana Weber: Learn to support other musicians using backing techniques on the fiddle.

General Fiddling Techniques with Jessie Burns and Kiana Weber: Explore various techniques of fiddling, such as Oldtime, Bluegrass, and Comping. Gain knowledge on general techniques for a range of fiddle styles.

** Additional fiddle courses may be added based on demand.

Pipes And Whistles Workshops with Pete Purvis: In these classes of all levels you will learn firsthand how to play everything Pete plays with the band, from the smallest riff to the most complicated tune. This is not your typical bagpipe or whistle tutorial that is 100% lesson oriented. Rather, these courses are about having fun and seeing up-close how, what and why Pete performs the way he does with Gaelic Storm. He will demonstrate strategies used when playing in a Gr. 1 pipe band and teach you how to accelerate your playing. You’ll learn everything from how to record these unique instruments to how to tune and maintain them on the road. Other topics include: selecting the right tunes for the right songs, laying traditional sounds into modern music, best practice strategies, coming up with a riff for a song, learning the tunes of Gaelic Storm, and the differences between playing in a pipe band and playing in an ensemble. We will write tunes together, and they might even end up on a Gaelic Storm recording someday! You’ll even get an individual assessment of your playing and which areas to concentrate on from Pete!

Running Your Band Like A Business with Patrick Murphy: Whether you’d like to be a professional musician or you just enjoy playing part-time locally, Patrick Murphy will speak about running your band like a business. Learn how to consider budgeting for recording, touring and merchandise, how to market to your fans and communicate with your fans, how to brand yourself or your band and so much more to help you start making music and, more importantly, to continue making music publicly.

Gaelic Irish For Beginners with Patrick Murphy: Patrick, from Cork City, Ireland, will give a class on the first language of Ireland known as ‘Gaelic’ or simply as Irish. Learn a brief history of Ireland, Erin, Hibernia, and Eire. Patrick will discuss the beginnings, history, decline and resurgence of the language, and explore its influences. Beginners will be able to carry out a simple conversation in Irish by the end of the camp. Also, learn a full song in Gaelic, not recorded by Gaelic Storm, in the class and sing it on stage with the band on the last night! Most importantly, you’ll learn expressions like, “Who put my nice wool jumper in the drying machine!?” and fine Irish blessings like “May the cat eat you and may the devil eat the cat!”

About Gaelic Storm: With catalog sales of more than 1 million, Gaelic Storm has had three albums debut at #1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart: 2008’s What’s the Rumpus?, 2010’s Cabbage, which remained parked in the top slot for three consecutive weeks, and 2012’sChicken Boxer. Chicken Boxer features a mix of empowering anthems and traditional ballads, and is the fifth album to be released on the band’s own label, Lost Again Records. The group’s ability to deftly incorporate a rock sensibility into their sound affords them rare crossover appeal. In recent years, they’ve performed on the same bill with acts ranging from Zac Brown Band and the Goo Goo Dolls to Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett, and at events as varied as the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Milwaukee’s Summerfest. With their signature acoustic production, Gaelic Storm blends indie-folk and world grooves with Celtic tradition to serve up a ringside seat for fifteen rounds of pugilistic poultry pounding sound. In other words, Chicken Boxer will knock you out.

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