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THE MARK OF CAIN – Songs Of The Third And Fifth

| 1 February 2013 | Reply

Label:  Feel Presents
Released: October 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Mark Of Cain - Songs Of The Third and Fifth CD

Adelaide’s The Mark Of Cain are back for their first album in a decade and they’re in devastatingly bludgeoning form.

From single Barkhammer and Avenger, John Scott’s anger and turmoil has an outlet again, and you’d better stand back ‘cos this thing is FIERCE.

In fitting with the album title’s military vibe (though the title actually originated from a different theme altogether – read my interview with John Scott HERE) there are several ‘War Is Hell’ themed tracks – Milosevic & Eastern Decline amongst the best.

When Scott growls “I feel the pain – it makes me feel real” (Eastern Decline) you know he means it, and the listener can feel it too.  Real music, real aggression, no posing or swagger here.  The real deal.

Scott has an intensity to his singing which is truly intimidating:  when his low, almost spoken vocals talk of chambering a round (1000 Yards), or “I took the bad news in my stride/ Too late to care too proud to cry” (The Argument), he positively bristles with brooding malevolence and barely contained violence.

The Mark Of Cain are unstoppable when brothers John and Kim Scott (vocals/guitar and bass, respectively) lock in, and John Stanier has always been a world class drummer, as shown by his long tenure with Helmet and a stint in Tomahawk.  Songs Of The Third And Fifth is like a storm that arrives in full force, does it’s business, threatening at any moment to blow up into something worse, more powerful and more destructive, and then suddenly, is gone, leaving you shell shocked and wondering what the fuck just happened to affect you so deeply, on so many levels.




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