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MOVIE – The Decoy Bride

| 22 November 2012 | Reply

Directed by Sheree Folkson
Starring David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald, Alice Eve
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

David Tennant (Dr Who, Casanova, Blackpool) turns on the charm as the author fiancé of Alice Eve’s mega movie star, who lands in a heap of you-know-what when the missus decides to stage their wedding at the UK island setting of his latest best seller, in an attempt to evade and avoid the ever-present paparazzi.

All fine on paper, until it becomes apparent that whilst the island exists, the idealised setting as described in the novel was largely the product of Tennant’s James Neil Arber’s fantasy!

Throw in the cute local girl who is co-opted as the titular decoy to throw the papparazzi off the scent, played by the gorgeous Kelly MacDonald, and you can see the outcome a mile off, as with all rom coms.

What sets DECOY BRIDE apart is the clever Richard Curtis-esque writing, the bewitching cast, and a constant feeling that it doesn’t take itself seriously – in a British sitcom kind of way!

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