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| 20 August 2020 | Reply

Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Rating: 95%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There isn’t anything Halestorm releases that I don’t dig into and grab for my own collection.  I love the originals stuff, the Re:Animate collection  they have releases, and now they hit us with a few of their own tracks (a one cover) with a new view on the tracks construction.  Disc opener “I Get Off” comes at you fast and furious from the first note to the last and the band NAILED this one.  The heavier – almost industrial acoustic – vibe of the track tears into the songs lyrical content and twists this one to fit the vibe I always imagined this song should have.  This was a great song the first time around, but the muscles flexed in this version make it stand out among not only these tracks, but their entire catalog.  “I Miss The Misery” starts off with a familiar sound and vibe, but the band kicks in with the stripped back groove and the song takes on a slightly different feel than the original.  Lzzy’s vocals are perfect and help drive home the track, even with the milder drumming from AreJay and Josh Smith’s bass lines leading the charge.  “I Am The Fire” is the one track that started off with the most diverse sound as compared to the original version.  The guitars from Joe Hottinger and Lzzy add depth without being too heavy or drowning the songs lyrics and vocals.  “Break In” is a cool spin on one of the bands tracks on the disc that wasn’t a single when originally cut.  This version has the added bonus of including Amy Lee in the mix on a duet with Lzzy.  The song has the familiar feel and sound as you listen through but the addition of Lee enhances the vocals through the swirling harmonies.  The lone cover on the disc, “I Will Always Love You” keeps the spirit and essence of Whitney’s mega-hit version without sacrificing the Halestorm sound and influence, thanks to Lzzy’s rock vibrato and ability to ebb and flow her power when needed.  Disc closer “Mz. Hyde” is the same and different at teh same time, thanks to the opening percussion from Hale, but song quickly jumps into line when Hottinger’s guitar and Smith’s bass lines carry the melody through the verses and chorus.  The lead vocal seems a bit more thought out and adds punch to the song.  This reimagined collection is a pleasure to listen to and doesn’t supplant the originals, but rather enhances the original and gives us options as listeners and fans.

Tracklisting: I Get Off – I Miss The Misery – I Am The Fire – Break In – I Will Always Love You – Mz. Hyde






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