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| 24 January 2013 | Reply

Brooke Waggoner Originator cover

Label: Ingrooves

Release Date: March 5, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I am so glad I listened to this disc before learning about Brooke and her previous projects.  I gave this a fair shake and really got into it, regardless of her affiliation with Jack White.  “Shiftshape” is a cool tune that quickly establishes that this ride is going to be unlike anything else I have listened to lately.  The use of effects and instrumentation make this a trippy introduction to the disc, before the piano kicks in and warms you up for Brooke’s voice.  This track is fun and a great welcome to Brooke’s world.  “Rumble” is next and is different from the previous track, but somehow similar.  The use of Brooke’s voice against the piano really is dynamic on these songs.  “From The Nest” follows and is slightly different, in that the focus isn’t necessarily on Brooke and her talents.  The background vocals and use of other instrumentation adds depth to the track and keeps the listener engaged.  “Ink Slinger” comes along and adds another dimension to the disc with its tempo and strong percussion.  The back beat is tribal in rhythm and really makes this one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Squint” is a sexy cool tune with beautiful piano accompaniment and Brooke’s vocals laid nicely over top.  The percussion used gives this tune a jazz feel.

“Perish” brings the tempo up and keeps the mood light.  The piano playing is top notch here and is fun to listen to.  “Welspryng” is a moody track that has a very ethereal sound to it.  The instrumentation is heavy and laced with a melancholy feel from beginning to end.  If anything, this adds another facet to the songs presented on this disc.  “Waterlogged” returns to a lighter place and keeps the song flowing with the well placed use of orchestral instruments and Brooke’s piano playing, which is great on this song.  On “Canticle,” the piano playing is moving and emotional.  It really ties things together as the disc inches towards a close.  “Mixin’ With The Birdies” is probably the most out of place track on the disc.  It just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere with everything else presented here.  “To Love” has that moody piano introduction that has graced many tracks here.  Once Brooke’s vocals add to the mix, the song somehow becomes larger in feel.  The trio of piano, Brooke, and male vocals help drive this track and close the disc in great form.

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