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SECOND SEASON – Another Level

| 21 December 2012 | Reply


Label: Independant – pick it up at one of their shows!!!

Release Date: January 2011

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I am never sure what to expect when I get a disc from an unsigned band that is relatively local.  This group of rockers from South Bend, IN caught my attention and next thing you know, I am listening to their debut disc.

“Pusher” opens the disc with a good guitar riff and then pounding drums and bass.  This track hits the ground running.  The vocals kick in and I am looking forward to the next 40 minutes.  “Paving the Way,” like its predecessor, has a great riff to open the track.  The band plays well together and the song has come cool tempo changes and transitions.  Next up is “Alive.”  The guitar playing and laid back rhythm section really allow me to get into this tune.  I enjoy the way the vocals are mellow and dance lightly over the instruments, allowing you to enjoy every component of the song.  “The Tool” is a live track.  Not my cup of tea.  I don’t normally like live tracks, especially when the sound quality isn’t as good as the rest of the disc.  On the actual disc they sent, this is a studio version and it rocks.  The guitar work is intricate and the drumming is great on this track.

“Sun Shines Again” kicks in and redeems the band over the last track.  Again, the guitar work  really opens the song well and adds a little more dimension to the disc.  The playing by the band is different on this track, so it helps demonstrate their abilities a little more.  “Left Behind” is another track that shows how varied the bands influences are.  This tune would fit as easy on satellite radios Octane as it would Lithium.  Another live track, “Release Yourself,” doesn’t really add to the disc.  “Another Level” closes the tracks sent to me.  This song is a great companion to “Left Behind,” in that is is very 90’s influenced, but has a lot of modern rock flavor to it.

I can’t wait to check out the full release, which has the additional tracks “When It Rains” and “One Last Breath.”  Thanks to Sunny and Jeremy to bringing this band to my attention.  Now they just need to play a show around Detroit.

REVIEW ADDENDUM: On the original download provided, “The Tool” is a live track.  On the actual disc they sent, this is a studio version and it rocks.  The guitar work is intricate and the drumming is great on this track.  Additionally, a studio version of “Release Yourself” on the CD is a departure from the cool rock vibe created, as this track takes off like a stampeding bull and charges forward… and it’s really good.  Unfortunately, the last two tracks are live.  Not that they are bad, they just aren’t something that keeps my attention.



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