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| 1 October 2014 | Reply


Label: RCA Records

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Blending different musical styles, Pentatonix has released one of the more diverse EP’s this year.  “Problem” seems to be a take off of the “99 Problems” track, but steps out with some cool vocals and rhythms, not to cool rap that pops in for a run.  There is a pop groove that permeates just about every track on this disc, including “On My Way Home.”  This track has more interesting vocalization and instrumental accompaniment.  The chorus has a heavy tribal sound and feel that gives the song a bit of bite.  “La La Latch” is a slice of pop sweetness that incorporates more harmonies and vocalization from this group of twenty somethings.  “Rather” is up next, and other than offering more of the same A cappella and and harmonies, doesn’t jump out as diverse with any different rhythms or grooves.  “See Through” features a different feel and groove than other tracks on the disc while fitting into the format of the other tracks.  This song gives the collection a little diversity and dimension.  “Papaoutai” is an interesting track that features violinist Lindsey Sterling tossing her talents into the mix.  This track, sung entirely in French, demonstrates the groups talent and ability to adapt and take on something outside of their comfort zone.  “Standing By” closes the disc and gives us the group at its most mellow and relaxed.  The vocals on this song seem to soar a bit more other, but not to the detriment of any of the earlier tracks.

Category: CD Reviews

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