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| 14 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Hollywood Records

Release Date: August 14, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Grace Potter has slowly morphed her herself over her catalog of releases.  The latest part of that transition is the pop infused rocker Midnight.  “Hot To The Touch” kicks the disc off and it is a perfect fit for the disc and Grace herself.  The vocals are killer and give the song a bit of punch, offsetting the guitars and programming.  “Alive Tonight” jumps out and grabs your attention from the first note.  Again, Potter’s vocals add to the tracks gritty feel and keep this song from becoming too formulaic.  The tempo and instrumentation are made for a dance floor.  “Empty Heart” digs back into Potter’s rootsy sound of previous discs, while adding a fresh feel to the guitars and percussion on the verse.  This hybrid fits well on the disc, swirled in with the other tracks.  “Delirious” brings us back to a dance floor / club feel, mostly due to the programming that is splashed all over the production.  The vocals are tight and give Potter spots to dress up the track, especially the catchy chorus.  “Instigators” has an awesome riff that is peppered into the opening and verse that slowly builds into a chugging piece at the chorus.  The tempo and cadence of the track get the foot tapping and keep you engaged as a listener.  “Low” in an ethereal track that builds from open to close.  The guitars are heavy and contradict the lighter feel of Potter’s vocals, giving this song a bit of depth and allow the vocals to ebb and flow with the intensity of the lyrics.

“Your Girl” opens with a cool groove that sets the pace for the track and is enhanced once Grace’s vocals drop.  The mood of the track and lyrics are supported by the funked up vibe of the song, especially at the chorus.  If I hadn’t seen the liner notes, I would have sworn this was a Prince track.  “The Miner” is a great track that truly demonstrates a softer, sweeter sounding Potter in the vocals, regardless of the emotionally draining lyrics.  The chorus is full and creates a great vibe on this mellower track, as does the guitar solo at the bridge.  “Look What We’ve Become” is another pop/funk/rock track that has a great tempo and a fun bass line that carries the verse and builds at the chorus, along with the guitars and drums.  The vocals are sexy and add texture to the song.  “Biggest Fan” has a great pop – punk-rock feel to it (think Garbage) that permeates the song from open to close, especially at the chorus.  The infectious groove is hypnotic draws you in quickly, but throws a few twists and turns into the track at the bridge.  “Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart” is a great track that opens quickly and allows you to get into the vibe of the track through a slow burning vocal on the verse that builds into a wall of sound chorus.  Potter’s vocals led an emotional edge to the meaningful lyrics.  Disc closer “Let You Go” takes us out on a mellow groove sonically, while Grace’s vocals and lyrics are heartfelt and emotional.  The feel of this track helps close the door on a diverse album that pulls from different sounds, genres, and influences.

​Tracklisting: Hot To The Touch – Alive Tonight – Your Girl – Empty Heart – The Miner – Delirious – Look What We’ve Become – Instigators – Biggest Fan – Low – Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart – Let You Go






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